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Sport and Water Adventures 

...that definitely get the blood pumping!

During summer months, the green surroundings of Brežice, especially the beautiful banks of the rivers Krka, Sava and Sotla, are very lively. Canoeing, wakeboarding and stand up paddling on the the Krka River belong to the most popular activities during the summer heat, but you can also simply relax or take a swim.

An abundance of fun will also  await you at the renowned thermal complex of the municipality. You can visit the biggest Slovenian spa resort Terme Čatež, or else choose the youngest thermal spa in Slovenia - Terme Paradiso in Dobova, which is only 4 kilometres away from Brežice. No matter where the road takes you, rest assured that a great atmosphere is guaranteed!


Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Velike malence, 8262 Krška vas

GPS: 45.892603, 15.585591 | Telephone: +386 40 649 265

SUP or stand up paddle surfing is a relaxing and above all an entertaining form of recreation on the water, whereby one stands on a board and propels himself with a paddle while enjoying the surrounding nature.


Escape room Čatež - Coal hunters

Zagrebška cesta 11, 8250 Brežice

GPS: 45.892769, 15.602335 | Telephone: +386 40 649 265

Escape room Čatež - Coal hunters is a classical escape room, with a hundred years old local story of coal hunters, who used wooden boats to catch coal brought by the river.


Thermal Riviera in Terme Čatež Spa Resort

Topliška cesta 35, 8251 Čatež ob Savi

GPS: 45.893177, 15.621278 | Telephone: +386 7 62 07 862

With the largest outdoor pool complex far and wide, the Summer Thermal Riviera provides entertainment for people of all ages on over 10,000 m² of thermal water surfaces.


Escape room Čatež - Čatež escape

Velike malence, 8262 Krška vas

GPS: 45.892603, 15.585591 | Telephone: +386 40 649 265

Escape room Čatež - Čatež escape is an outdoor escape game, based on the classical escape room koncept, yet situated in the nature. Game is suitable for families, youth and adults, all who desire avanturism and are not affraid of green outdoor terrains and beautyful riverside.


Thermal water park in Paradiso Terme

Selska cesta 15b, 8257 Dobova

GPS: 45.898322, 15.654530 | Telephone: +386 31 310 515

The hotel complex includes 1800 m2 of water surface with excellent thermal water. Indoor and outdoor pool is open all year, other things operate only during the summer season, from May untill September.


Adventures in Terme Čatež

Topliška cesta 35, 8251 Čatež ob Savi

GPS: 45.891876, 15.624846 | Telephone: +386 7 49 36 700

You can have fun with Zipline adventure Pirate Monkey this summer.


SRC Grič – Svibor Ltd

Velike malence 2, 8262 Krška vas

GPS: 45.892559, 15.585708 | Telephone: +386 40 757 756

Sports recreational centre Grič is located near Brežice, along the Krka river. It operates in summer months, from April to September and it offers different experience of nature its visitors.


Canoe Krka

Cerklje ob Krki 57, 8263 Cerklje ob krki

GPS: 45.882172, 15.518962 | Telephone: +386 30 600 700

Spend your free time relaxing in canoe desending on the beatiful river Krka. Canoe Krka offers renting of canoes and all necessary equipment. They also drive you to your starting point.

Big JAck iz zraka_20.10.2015_001

Sport facilities SRC Grič - street workout

Velike malence 2, 8262 Krška vas

GPS: 45.892525, 15.585656 | Telephone: +386 40 757 756

As part of the EU-project “Sports for healthy ageing” the municipality of Brežice set up sports facilities for exercising outdoors. The premises are open for everyone free of charge. 


Ferry on Sava

Mostec 5, 8257 Dobova

GPS: 45.898913, 15.629801 | Telephone: +386 41 715 806

Ferry on Sava is a wonderful enrichment of a trip or a longer stay in the Municipality of Brežice. It takes guests across Sava from Terme Čatež to the village of Mostec and back.


Vučko Tennis Training Centre

Topliška cesta 35, 8251 Čatež ob Savi

GPS: 45.892118, 15.627258 | Telephone: +386 41 687 878

VUČKO Tennis Training Centre wants to offer children and young people the opportunity to acquire tennis skills, reinforce good work habits, develop psycho-motor skills, and enjoy in socialising and meeting new friends.

Slika 024 (Large)

Tactical Skills Service (TSS)

Župeča vas 42, 8263 Cerklje ob Krki

GPS: 45.883557, 15.528791 | Telephone: +386 41 601 561

Diverse offer of parachuting (parachute school, tandem jumps, jumps to events, aircraft flights) and survival in the wild for organisations and a programme for schools.