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Stand Up Paddling (SUP)

Velike malence, 8262 Krška vas (45.892603, 15.585591)
Stand Up Paddling, more known as SUP is a relaxing and above all an entertaining form of recreation on the water, whereby one stands and paddles on a board. Guided tour along Krka river is a perfect chance to relax and enjoy idyllic nature, where Krka river meets Gorjanci hills; while river islands, sand dunes and underwater reefs make the trip even more interesting. The tour can take 1-3 hours and is tailored to every single SUP group.

SUP tour is suitable for all ages, previous paddling skills and good physical shape are not required, while booking is necessary.

Price: 10 EUR / person / hour.

Turn off your brain and jump on a SUP board!

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