Health & Wellness

    Terme Paradiso

    The hotel complex includes 1800 m2 of water surface with excellent thermal water

    Terme Čatež

    With the largest outdoor pool complex far and wide, the Summer Thermal Riviera provides entertainment for people of all ages

    Pizzeria Grič

    The Grič Pizza restaurant is located 1.5 km from the thermal spa Terme Čatež. The restaurant offers a variety of pizzas according to your own taste, backed in a bread oven. Furthermore you can order, grilled food, cooked snacks and Sunday lunches.

    Tourist Farm Vimpolšek

    Tourist farm is located on the edge of Brežice, parallel to the regional road Krško – Brežice. They are engaged in agriculture, livestock farming and viticulture.

    Secrets Of The Brown-Yellow Sand

    Lenght: 56,1 km (27,3 km)
    Joint altitude difference: 530 m (110 m)
    Time: 3 - 3,5 hours (1,5 - 2 hours)

    Dobova Fašjenk Carnival (February, March)

    The history of Carnival in Dobova and the surrounding villages extends far into the past.

    Discover Brežice

    Culinary Indulgence in Brežice

    Experience and remember Brežice

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