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    Terme Čatež

    With the largest outdoor pool complex far and wide, the Summer Thermal Riviera provides entertainment for people of all ages

    Terme Paradiso

    The hotel complex includes 1800 m2 of water surface with excellent thermal water

    Tourist Farm Balon − Bela gorca

    ​Tourist farm Balon is located at the edge of Bizeljsko, 16 kilometres from Brežice, along the road connecting Bizeljsko and Pišece.

    SUP Čatež

    Experience the Krka river from a new perspective. Idyllic summer Krka with its green surroundings, underwater reefs, and hidden sand dunes is a perfect SUP destination, where you will be able to learn to paddle against the stream

    Repnica Balon

    ''Repnice'' are underground cellars dug in the sand used for food storage. Family Balon has an underground tunnel that is dug from a closet in the house to a vineyard cottage, from the cottage the tunnel leads to ''repnica'', which has two exits, so there was a possibility to escape from it.

    Šekoranja Inn

    ​The inn is located along the main road Brežice – Maribor in the centre of Bizeljsko. During the season, they expand their offer with pork and sausages, home poultry and homemade dry-meat goods.

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