Apartments Life Force Energy Spa

    Special energised rooms will provide the restoration of your mental and physical life strength. The crystals in bed, music and vibrations will boost your creativity and concentration resulting in deep psychological relief while asleep, at the same time cleansing your body of toxins and energising it as a whole. 

    Take a breather and treat yourself with a Retreat in the Life Force Energy Spa. Our breather is adjusted to individuals, their needs and their character. It is suitable for everyone. 

    It starts in the energised room and it elevates: 
    • vitality 
    • feeling good 
    • problem solving 
    • mental stability 
    • physical strength 
    • concentration 
    • natural healing.
    Shortest, 24 hours reatreat  includes accommodation in rooms Ocean/Wave, breakfast, lunch and dinner, exercises in the Place of Life Energy twice a day, bathing in the thermal spa.
    Zagrebška cesta 20, 8251 Čatež ob Savi
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