Brežice Water Tower

    The water tower is the most known landmark of Brežice. You can see it’s vertical from afar. It invites you to the town that was known as an “important trading town” for centuries
    The tower was built in 1914 in order to provide the town with water. It is 46 metres high and mostly round. There is an octagonal reservoir on the top, placed on sixteen brackets. The tower is adorned with three small balconies. It stands on the corner of the central Bizeljska Street and Ulica Stare Pravde Street (Gasa) on the town walls.

    It is based on the ruins of the town defensive walls. Today, this monument to technical progress of the early 20th century and to an interesting water supply solution has the function and status of a symbol of Brežice.

    Apart from the water tower in Kranj, built in 1911, the Brežice Water Tower is the only example of a water tower from that time in Slovenia and is proof of an interesting water supply solution for lowland areas. It operated through the power plant until 1983, while today it invites visitors to Brežice from afar.
    Bizeljska cesta 4, 8250 Brežice
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