Bridge over the Sava and Krka Rivers

    The 524 m-long reinforced concrete bridge over the confluence of the Sava and Krka Rivers was one of the longest bridges in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The bridge is rebuilding today and is impassable. When the work is finished, a walk across the bridge will offer the visitors an excellent view of the Krka and Sava Rivers, the surrounding hills, villages and the construction project of the Brežice Hydroelectric Power Plant. 

    In 1906, several other bridges were built, dedicated to the Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria. The construction of the bridge connecting the neighbouring regions of Styria and Carniola began in the spring 1905 and was estimated to cost 450,000 Kronen. The opening ceremony took place on 14 August 1906.

    The part of the bridge that crosses Sava River has been rebuilding since July, 2018. The second part that crosses Krka River is likely to be rebuild after the first part is completed.
    In the past 112 years corrosion devastated the bridge and increased the risk of collapse. Due to the threat to the customers the Municipality of Brežice decided to rebuild the bridge in two parts. Public supply revealed that the work would be in hands of Rafael Company from Sevnica. The value of the partial rebuild comprises more than one million euros.

    According to an optimistic prediction the rebuild will have lasted for two years. The one-way traffic is going to be preserved for automobiles, bicyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. The road order is going to remain local. The iron-concrete bridge is a symbol of the town and the municipality of Brežice.
    Prešernova cesta, 8250 Brežice
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