Castles in the municipality 

    Many mighty castles that are well worth visiting are located in Brežice and its surroundings. Most of them are refurbished and open for tourists. Imposing buildings that once served as refuges from the invading Turks are nowadays designed to welcome tourists or host weddings and other protocol events. 

    Castle Brežice

    It is supposed that the castle was built in the 12th century on a small slope on the left bank of the Sava River, separating Styria and Carniola. It was built by the Salzburg people in order to serve administrative and defence purposes.

    Hotel Golf Castle Mokrice

    ​Hotel Golf Castle Mokrice is located in Mokrice, not far from Terme Čatež, next to the Ljubljana – Zagreb motorway. Behind the mighty walls, the castle offers rooms with stylish furniture and modern comfort, double-bed rooms and apartments, and air-conditioned rooms in outhouses.

    Castle Pišece

    ​Castle Pišece rises above the settlement of the same name, approximately 15 kilometres from Brežice. Its outer appearance and inner hall where some cultural events are held were recently renovated. There is a beautiful park in front of the castle where a 50-metre tall sequoia and a pond stand out. 

    Castle Bizeljsko

    ​The castle stands on the hill above Bizeljska vas. It is first mentioned in 1404 and it has had an important role of as a defence post. Its strategic position has drawn interest of numerous aristocratic families. The castle, medieval in its structure, now has renaissance and baroque characteristics.
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