Museum – antique collection of Rezelj family

    It is a family collection which exhibits old objects, used by people in households, on farms, vineyards, orchards and for crafting.

    Travnikar Antiquity Collection

    The collection consists of tools and equipment that the locals used in their daily work, such as agricultural tools and objects, wine-growing tools and objects, carpentry, blacksmithing and shoemaking tools, etc.

    Babič family majolica collection

    Almost 1,300 diverse and interesting units prove their popularity with many nations, as they arrived to this collection from all around the world. 

    Ban's homestead

    You can view the renovated homestead, the outbuilding, pigpens, wine cellar with vineyard, bee hive, corn drying-shed, fruit dryer, an orchard with old fruit sorts and restored pool. 

    Blacksmith's Museum Podgoršek

    Blacksmith's Museum Podgoršek is located in the centre of the nucleated village of Pišece
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