An unforgettable journey 

    If you want to experience Brežice and its beautiful surroundings in a faster and more dynamic way, we recommend taking a bicycle trip. You can opt for effortless pedalling through the valley or more demanding trips right into the heart of the surrounding hills. Both options are packed with beautiful sights along the way. If you'd enjoy a guided cycling tour, we can organize a custom trip through the diverse landscape with a cycling guide.

    Bike Rental - Prah šport

    Cycling is one of the most pleasant summer sports activities.

    Bržkolo – a public automatic bike-sharing system in Brežice – in use

    Municipality Brežice issued Integral traffic strategy, which recognized cycling as one of five strategic pillars of integral traffic system. 

    Biking, advice, guiding

    In the broader area of the Posavje region, there are numerous bike-lanes. The region can be detected along main or side-roads with less traffic. Street- as well as mountain-biking is possible.

    Over the Sromelje Hills by Electric Bike

    In the middle of the wine-growing landscape, only a stone’s throw away from the town of Brežice, where runs the Sromelje Trail of Wine and Sun, you can enjoy the beauties of nature in a slightly different way.

    Secrets Of The Brown-Yellow Sand

    Lenght: 56,1 km (27,3 km)
    Joint altitude difference: 530 m (110 m)
    Time: 3 - 3,5 hours (1,5 - 2 hours)

    Eagle's Tour

    Lenght: 49 km (24 km)
    Joint altitude difference: 810 m (155 m)
    Time: 3 - 4 hours (1 - 1,5 hours)

    Vagrancy Through The Land Of Cviček

    Lenght: 25,9 km (19,7 km)
    Joint altitude difference: 345 m (195 m)
    Time: 1,5 - 2 hours (1 - 1,5 hours)

    Let's Listen To The Murmur Of The Mokrice Forests

    Lenght: 30,9 km (23,7 km)
    Joint altitude difference: 425 m (415 m)
    Time: 2 - 2,5 hours (1,5 - 2 hours)
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