Secrets Of The Brown-Yellow Sand

    Lenght: 56,1 km (27,3 km)
    Joint altitude difference: 530 m (110 m)
    Difficulty: Difficult (easy)
    Time: 3 - 3,5 hours (1,5 - 2 hours)
    Asphalt/Macadam: 48,5 km/7,6 km (23,3 km/4 km)

    Description: Cycling road takes us to Štajerska. We rise to vineyards and ''repnice'' of Bizeljsko through the low country of the Dobrava forrest. We come down into the vally Hudine and near the edge of natural memorial Jovsi we return to Terme Čatež.

    Shortenings: When you leave Terme Čatež, you can cross Sava with the ferry, when the ferry works. As to the description you start cycling in the point 3, where you cross the main road near the church. In the point 7 you continue 1 km straight through Kapele to the turning to Rakovec, where you turn right, down in the point 26.

    Advice: Do not forget your ID, because you'll be riding along the state border.

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