Electric charging stations in Brežice

    Electric charging stations offer all electric vehicle owners who visit Brežice Municipality to fill their electric cars at 15 locations. List of locations of electric charging stations can be viewed below.

    Apartment house Sumrak, driveTO - Google Maps
    Tourist farm at Martinovih, driveTO - Google Maps
    Bubka Bar, driveTO - Google Maps
    Strniša catering, driveTO - Google Maps
    Pension Les Inn, driveTO - Google Maps
    Istenič d.o.o. (Farm Istenič, Villa Istenič), driveTO - Google Maps
    Old Inn Krulc, driveTO - Google Maps
    Terme Paradiso, driveTo - Google Maps
    AFP Dobova, driveTO - Google Maps
    Intermarket Brežice, driveTO - Google Maps
    Local community Sromlje, driveTO – Google Maps
    Local community Kapele (close to Jovsi Nature Park), driveTO - Google Maps
    Municipality of Brezice (city center), driveTO - Google Maps
    Institute of Sport, driveTO - Google Maps
    Institute for Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Youth Brežice, driveTO - Google Maps

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