pohod na sentvid6. Published: 22.07.2020
    Barefoot hike to the top of St. Vid

    Barefoot hike with Lojze to the top of St. Vid now takes place every Wednesday

    Vodenje eng Published: 22.07.2020
    Free tourist guidance through Brežice

    Free tourist guidance through Brežice will take place every Thursday until the end of August, at 18.00, in the park between Youth Centre and the Brežice castle.

    Lazarus_C21 Published: 22.07.2020
    Festival Seviqc

    Seviqc Brežice is a synonym for old music in Slovenia, an elite internationally verified project with an almost forty years old tradition (1982). It is a festival and a program of development of old music, with three pillars: old music, cultural heritage, and cultural tourism, with active integrati

    6301 Published: 06.12.2019

    This year also, we will arrange the lobby of the Youth centre, we will transform it into a fairytale land for children.

    novo leto Published: 27.11.2019
    New Year Eve outdoor event and New Year Concert

    The last evening of the year we invite you to the old town of Brežice, where we prepare live music.

    pravi logoti. Published: 22.06.2019

    Pay up to 20 % less for staying at selected providers!

    5391 Published: 20.06.2019
    ​The Town promenade 2019

    No doubt, Brežice is a Festival type of town and no doubt that inhabitants and everyone who comes to Brežice in the summer want to hang around.

    Družina-na-pohodu-860x496 Published: 19.04.2019
    Posavje Hiking Festival 2019

    Posavje Hiking Festival is held in the months of May and June every year and is offering hikes throughout the entire Posavje region.

    BMM18,1. Published: 12.04.2019
    Brežice, My Town Festival 2019

    In the old city center, it is calm, until the end of the last weekend of June, when it is visited by 25,000 visitors.

    fašjenk dobova Published: 07.02.2019
    Dobova Fašjenk Carnival

    Join us from March 1st until March 9th, 2019 as we celebrate our annual Dobova Fašjenk Carnival presented by Tourist Society Dobova.

    pustna povorka_2014fb slika (Medium) Published: 05.02.2019
    Masquerade carnival for families

    Masquerade carnival for families is a traditional carnival procession in Brežice that takes place in the old town of Brežice on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.

    mile_kekin Published: 11.01.2019
    Concert: Mile Kekin

    Your Youth Centre Brežice - MC Club hosts Mile Kekin, the frontman of Croatian group Hladno pivo. His solo concert project and a newly released album „Kuča bez krova“ are going to be performed.

    dogodki_BRE_ang Published: 04.01.2019
    Brežice: Events in January

    Warmly invited to theater performances, concerts, lectures, exhibitions, talks and sport tournaments in the Brežice municipality.

    drsanje Published: 13.12.2018
    Experience winter fairytail in the center of the town!

    The rink opening in Brežice is on Friday, December 14, 2018 at 4 PM.

    Martinovanje na Bizeljskem Published: 07.11.2018
    St. Martin's Day festivity in the Brežice municipality

    St. Martin's Day is celebrated as a wine holiday, therefore, we invite you to visit one of the events in the following days in the municipality of Brežice.

    avtodomi1 Published: 24.10.2018
    Motorhome stopover (PZA Brežice)

    A new motorhome stopover is located on Prešernova street in Brežice.

    Martinovanje na Bizeljskem Published: 23.10.2018
    St. Martin's Day festivities in Bizeljsko

    First celebration of St. Martin's Day in Bizeljsko is on Saturday, November 10. The second is on Friday, November 16. These events bring music and enjoyable social occasion.

    pok 2018 Published: 16.10.2018
    2018 POK Fair

    The following weekend, October 20–21, 9 am–5 pm, the POK Fair (The Entrepreneurship, Craft and Agricultural Fair) begins in Sports Hall Brežice.

    globoko Published: 12.10.2018
    Concert in Globoko

    The concert of Singers of Globoko Cold Autumn Is Coming is on Saturday, October 20 at 7 pm, in the Hall of Local community Globoko.

    kapelcivs.prifarci Published: 05.10.2018
    Concert in the Brežice Castle

    Welcome to the concert performed by Kapelski pubje on Saturday, October 20 at 7 pm, in the Knight`s Hall of Posavje Museum in the Brežice Castle.

    Mestna promenada krivulje (1) Published: 13.07.2018
    Town Promenade 2018 - schedule

    The Town Promenade begins on Saturday, July 14. With children activities, local food&wine and concert nights a 14 day long event invites everyone to have fun and enjoy in the center of Brežice.

    sevnica Published: 30.05.2018
    Modra frankinja – velvety wine of Posavje

    Modra frankinja, velvety wine of Posavje, is a part of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development that is being managed with outer partners and the Regional development agency Posavje.

    gems Published: 30.03.2018
    Slovenia's Hidden Gems - Scout Report

    We hosted Bart and Benny, guests from Belgium living in Slovenia, in our tourist destination Brežice as part of the project of Radio SI named Slovenia's Hidden Gems, which aims to remind our audiences of the many other excellent locations and experiences in Slovenia that are also a must, in order t

    5418 Published: 19.02.2018
    ​Old Town Centre Stories

    A tourist worker team from Public Institute for Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Youth Brežice took a trip to the old town Centre Brežice to bring first-hand information and experience to visitors when they plan a similar trip.

    5401 Published: 12.02.2018
    On a journey ... Where? To Bizeljsko!

    With a wish to experience local touristic offer, a tourist worker team from Public Institute for Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Youth Brežice yesterday visited Bizeljsko

    5455 Published: 01.09.2017
    ​Italian reporters back in Brežice after 20 years

    We hosted Italian reporters, Mister Albert Campanile and Miss Ann Brianese, who are preparing a contribution for Plein Air magazine about Terme Čatež and surrounding tourist offer.

    5423 Published: 22.06.2017
    Grič Inn and Holiday resort – 110 years

    In 1905 the Credit union Brežice bought out an estate Grič na Čatežu. A one storey building, an inn, purposed to be a meeting point for Slovenians was built under a hillock, near the road Čatež–Krška vas, not far from a new bridge over Krka and Sava River.

    5156 Published: 22.05.2017
    New tourist offer in Brežice - Escape Island!

    We have a new tourist offer in Brežice - Escape island!

    springs Published: 20.04.2017
    ​220 years of Čatež springs

    Hot springs in today’s location in Terme Čatež were discovered in 1797 as recorded in the 1939 Dravska banovina lexicon.

    4476 Published: 28.11.2016
    Hosting of excellent Japanese photographer Yuya Matsuo

    Last weekend we hosted excellent Japanese photographer Yuya Matsuo, who travels the world and takes photographs of natural and architectural sights.

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