​220 years of Čatež springs

    Published: 20.04.2017

    Hot springs in today’s location in Terme Čatež were discovered in 1797 as recorded in the 1939 Dravska banovina lexicon. But it is assumed that the Romans had already been using the springs in the area. Yet records from the parish archive Čatež ob Savi states that spas in the Čateška Vrbina have been known at least since 1802. Also, a legendary "dwarf Čatež" who is half goat, a half man was supposedly to enjoying in the spa. The lexicon states that the bathing water was very hot because the springs were one of the warmest in banovina and people used to go swimming in the nearby Sava River to cool themselves down.

    Today 11 boreholes go as deep as 600 m where the water temperature is between 58 °C and 63 °C. The thermal water is suitable for medical purposes, both curative and preventive. It is also used for relaxation, and enjoyment in the unique Thermal Riviera in Čatež where the total volume of swimming pools is as big as the highest level of the Slovenian mountain - Triglav.

    Terme Čatež is “boiling” after 220 years with even greater power!

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