​Old Town Centre Stories

    Published: 19.02.2018

    A tourist worker team from Public Institute for Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Youth Brežice took a trip to the old town Centre Brežice to bring first-hand information and experience to visitors when they plan a similar trip.

    First, we visited Posavski museum Brežice that has been situated in Brežice Castle for 69 years. It rounds up the history of the castle because its records date back to 11th century when it served as a military fortress of Sulzbergers. The fortress was destroyed in 1515 during Slovene peasant revolt. In 1528 they began to build a new castle that was finished entirely in 1601. At the beginning of 18th century, the House of Attems changed it to a mansion. In a spirit of a high baroque, a staircase, a chapel, and a Knight`s Hall were built in an ornate and extravagant shape. The Knight`s hall is a unique baroque mural in Slovene Lands.

    The misty morning was lost in the baroque mural staircase where we had begun our journey to historic places and people from prehistory to modern age with our curator Silvija. In the museum, one can see archeological, ethnological, historical and art historical gallery.

    After we visited the galleries we were introduced to a director of a museum Alenka Černelič Krošelj who made a brief presentation of projects that are about to develop in future. She explained that no historic event shall remain unseen as Posavski museum is dedicated to reflect an entire timeline of Brežice.

    A stroll in the old town is also a stroll through past centuries and offers an insight into the life of the town`s ancestors whose marks are imprinted in the old town centre. At southern gates where the stroll started, people who constructed the road found remains of a town wall. We followed a side street called Gasa, Ulica stare pravde, where craftsman and handcrafters had used to work. We took a look at a water tower and some significant buildings on the main street – old pharmacy, Town Hall, a House of Del Cott Family, Saint Lovrenc church, National Hall, German House, a former Franciscan monastery and pilgrim`s church of Saint Rocco.

    The post-final of our stroll through the town was Splavar restaurant that is run by a young Ana who strives for quality, variety as a boutique restaurant. In a pleasant ambiance, they warmed us with tea and they presented their way of work, plans, and vision of Hotel and restaurant. She said that they want to attract a beat from the most beautiful street in Brežice inside the restaurant. With a rich cuisine for every taste, and their splendid home-made desserts. They are also known for their always fresh ice-cream made according to Italian recipes, it is famous in Brežice and around the town. Being located in a town centre and being close to Termal Riviera, Splavar is an ide
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