Dobova Fašjenk Carnival

    Published: 07.02.2019

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    Join us from March 1st until March 9th, 2019 as we celebrate our annual Dobova Fašjenk Carnival presented by Tourist Society Dobova.

    Come to the old town of Brežice and witness the Fašjenk's mayor gaining control as a mayor of Brežice on March 1, 2019.

    Programme of the 2019 Fašjenk carnival:
    • March 1:  Fašjenk's mayor gaining control of Brežice,
      • 9:00 - 12:00 Fašjenk's promotion in the Brežice Town Hall,
      • 13.00 Traditional gain of control in the Municipality of Brežice,
      • 13.30 The performance of the Dobova Mažoretke and Lučke žlahte,
      • 14.00 The arrival of korants from Hajdina,
      • 14.30 Ceremony after the new rule at Restaurant Štefanič.
    • March 2: A great carnival party,
      • 20:00 A great carnival in the carnival hall, party and Fašjenk's dance in masks with DJ BORUT (Dobova),
      • until 22:30 Presentation of organized group masks (Dobova).
    • March 4: Fašjenk in the town of Brežice nad surroundings,
      • 7:00 Ločki Kosci, Orači and carnival wedding (Loče),
      • 9:00 - 12:00 Fašjenk's promotion in the Brežice Town Hall (Brežice),
      • 15:00 Obrški Prutarji (Veliki Obrež),
      • 17:00 Children's carnival with Malek Brothers (Dobova).
    • March 5: Masquerade carnival for families (Brežice),
    • March 8: Women's Day,
    • 9 March: 21st International Carnival
      • 13:00 Registration of groups, delicacies of active farm women and beverages (Loče),
      • 13:15 Mayor's reception for group leaders and guests (Loče),
      • 14:30 Formation of the parade for the 21st International Carnival (Loče),
      • 15:00 Handover of the key to the current mayor and presentation of the groups on the main stage (Dobova),
      • 17:00 The great carnival in the carnival hall with the JERNEJ KOLAR ansamble (Dobova).
    The carnival is a masquerade with a great history in Dobova and the surrounding villages. According to the oral tradition of the oldest inhabitants, the carnival is known from the time of their ancestors. This traditional cultural event, one of the largest tourist-cultural events in this part of Slovenia, each year attracts many visitors to Dobova. One of the carnival's biggest accolades came by being accepted into the Association of European Carnival Cities - FECC.

    Moments pass, but unforgettable memories remain. Behind the carnival and participation in the Masquerade carnival for kids is an opportunity to experience nature that has created a number of pleasant spots for leisure activities. Brezice lay on a tectonic fault that created perfect chances for Spa & Wellness pampering. For culinary delights visit our restaurants where always smells of good food. More information, see below.


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    Always welcome to Brežice - a small town with a big heart - a junction of different worlds.
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