Grič Inn and Holiday resort – 110 years

    Published: 22.06.2017

    In 1905 the Credit union Brežice bought out an estate Grič na Čatežu. A one storey building, an inn, purposed to be a meeting point for Slovenians was built under a hillock, near the road Čatež–Krška vas, not far from a new bridge over Krka and Sava River. At the same time, a wooden resort with a swimming pool was built under the inn on the bank of the Krka River. It contained three locker rooms for swimmers.

    Solemn opening of the Grič Inn and Holiday resort on July 14, 1907, took place in a garden where people danced and sang. A wine from Bizeljsko and fresh beer were served. The event was enriched with fireworks and a concert by the military band of the 96th Regiment of Karlovac.

    The Grič Inn had four guest rooms and three pub rooms where food and drink were served. Guests were fond of sitting in front of the inn and on a big porch where one was able to read a quote “Be healthy our homeland, graceful land of thee” from a song Domovina, written by Radoslav Razlag who owned an estate in Čatež, composed by Benjamin Ipavec.

    Grič has become a popular destination and swimming area for home people and foreign tourists from Zagreb. During the summer Sundays the majority of tourists took a train and then a double-wagon carriage with a coachman to come to Grič. Also, some came with automobiles, which at that time were still rare.

    The Grič Inn and the swimming pool were owned by the Credit union Brežice until 1918 when they were sold. They were bought-to-let by Jože Uršič, a salesman from Brežice. In 1931, the Uršič family moved to Grič where they took over catering and built a new swimming resort with 42 cabins and a wooden sun deck. After the Second World War, the swimming resort collapsed and the building condition was declining until 1990 when it was removed by the Tourist Association Čatež.

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    Invitation to the Grič Inn and Holiday resort opening, inv. no. Z4:4740
    The Grič Inn and Holiday resort in the year 1912, inv. no. Z4:2348
    Holiday resort and swimming pool in the year 1939, inv. no. Z3:2175

    Vlasta Dejak, museum consultant
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