On a journey ... Where? To Bizeljsko!

    Published: 12.02.2018

    With a wish to experience local touristic offer, a tourist worker team from Public Institute for Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Youth Brežice yesterday visited Bizeljsko.

    It is not coincident that our first visit was Najger repnica among vineyards in a hillock village. Repnica is an artificial cave in quartz sand and was used for storing turnips that were the main forage for livestock and name turnips (repa) became the name of the cave (repnica). Today repnice are used for wine storage and wine tasting.

    For instance: back in a day there used to be 200 of them, today only 100, of which 40 were renewed for personal purposes and only 5 are used for tourist purposes.

    Interesting mural on the walls, stories from the past, excellent wine and homemade appetizers... all of it in only one hour with an owner of repnica Najger and in the end you can also buy a bottle of their great wine.

    For instance: Najger repnica is visited by 10 000 tourists each year from all over the world. One of the reasons is they are constantly open. They accept minor and large groups.

    Road took us from Brezovica to Bizeljsko where we stopped at Wine Cellar – Winery Molipachi, Bojan Berkovič.

    We must confess that the visit at Berkovič is different than at other wineries. The entire experience and the atmosphere were beyond our expectations. We recommend them to all demanding wine lovers. They would accept you as you being home there, moreover, the first sentence of mister Bojan was: “I wish you feel like being at home”.

    We decided to try their red wines (Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot), which are truly amazing and something special. The presentation was full of ideas and thoughts of winemaker Bojan, with whome we were impressed by his love, enthusiasm and poetic charm in which he talked about his wines. Daughter Šaha surprised us with a perfect deer goulash, home-made bread, and home-made bread-dumplings.

    For instance: At Winery Berkovič no one is disappointed, even the most demanding guests. Their extracted red wines are rare far around the continent. In addition, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are also something special because Modra Frankinja and Žametna Črnina are majorly produced in the area.       
    Even though we were not hungry anymore, we could not help to stop at Šekoranja Inn. Šekoranja family continues a long-lasting culinary tradition in Bizeljsko.  Although the exact date of Šekoranja Inn is not known, the rumor goes they are at least two centuries old. Son Marko wished us a friendly invitation, drank a coffee with us and served delicious home-made desserts. The whole restaurant smelled of fresh and good food. Marko told us that most of the guests came from Zagreb because of good road connections and yearlong tradition.

    We wonder… where can we find a tasteful piece of ajdov kolač? At Šekoranja Inn is on the menu every day. They served it still warm and we confess again, it melted in our mouths. Also, štruklji, a traditional Slovenian dish, and other desserts were splendid.

    Our last station was Bukovje where we visited Babič family who is very good wine producer. 20 years ago they decided to expose a majolka collection that continuously grows bigger. Most majolka in the collection is from Slovenia, but a major part of them is foreign from around the world. Big, small, made of paper, glass, ceramic… all shapes and colors. Mrs. Babič told us that many people had been excited about the collection and sent majolka from where they originate. We were also interested which majolka was her favorite. She says, her heart goes to all, but one glassy majolka has a special meaning for her because a mayor of Brežice municipality, Ivan Molan, gave her as a present in 2015 when she was awarded for Farmer of the year. She convinced us with a dinner and especially with her ajdov kolač.

    You might not believe, but the largest majolka accepts 7 liters of fluid whereas the smallest is so small it is hard to even notice.

    Bizeljsko is not only a place of vineyards and repnice, but a culinary diverse with specialties. We find here the biggest private producer of champagnes, Holiday Farm Istenič. It contains an ethnographic collection and a collection of antiques, hiking and bicycling routes and a house where future Archbishop Anton Martin Slomšek began priesthood. We are going to visit them again, doing so, we invite you too. 
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