Brežice Hiking Trail

    Length: 18km
    Duration: 4 to 6 hours
    Starting point: Les Inn

    The Brežice Hiking Trail starts in the village of Čatež ob Savi, where you will get the hiking trail diary and control stamp. The trail first leads you towards the Šentvid Hill (past the Church of St. George and a car park behind the gas station). Follow the trail blazing and, after about 30 minutes, you will arrive at a fork. Go left and ascend to the viewpoint at the Church of St. Vitus. Enjoy the view of Brežice and its surroundings (the Krško-Brežice Field, the hillsides of Orlica and Bohor, the peaks of Hrvatsko Zagorje).
    After relaxing and admiring the scenery, go back to the fork, turn left and continue walking along the forest path, past the first vineyards and along the gravel road to the village of Sobenja Vas. In the middle of the village, a blaze and an arrow on a concrete retaining wall point towards the southeast, to a signpost for Veliki Cirnik Hill. Follow a well-marked forest cart track that will take you to the Veliki Cirnik–Mali Cirnik crossroads.

    Continue along the forest path, past a hunting pen and to the Veliki Cirnik–Stojdraga fork. On the top (Veliki Cirnik, 621m), you can take a rest on the benches at the “Pri veseli Mici” bivouac, enter your arrival into the registration book and confirm it with the control stamp.

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