Corncrake Trail to the Jovsi Floodplain

    Length: 5km
    Duration: 2 hours
    Starting point: in the centre of Kapele, at the information board next to the Church of Our Lady of Assumption

    The trail starts in the centre of the village of Kapele, at the information board next to the Church of Our Lady of Assumption. A marked cart track leads you over the Kapele vineyards and forested slopes to the Jovsi Floodplain. There are two information points with explanation boards in the forest and on the edge of the Jovsi Floodplain. The first information point presents the features of the forest, while the second one describes the features of the Jovsi flora and fauna. The latter also includes an ornithological observatory, which is no longer in use (not in use from August 2018). It allowed you to observe birds, amphibians, and mammals with binoculars and telescopes. From the observatory, you can return to Kapele following the same route, the scenic cart track or the local road. The trail also adds variety to the learning process of primary and secondary school students. Before the fieldwork, students can visit the Kapele information room, which is also a true multimedia classroom. There they can learn about the Jovsi Floodplain and Dobrava Forest by watching a film, photos, and models. The best time to visit is early summer.

    Sightseeing: rich variety of plant species and communities, the only confirmed corncrake nesting area in the Pannonian Slovenia

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