Energy foothpath of Čatež

    Lenght: 8,9 km
    Duration: 3 hours
    Starting point: TIC Čatež ob Savi

    Even the old people, whose tracks are found in Šentvid above Čatež, could spot the places which were more favourable for life that others. Following their tracks we have labelled some healing springs for those who want to enjoy the energies of Nature in a bit different way.

    Šentvid above Čatež has its own features as it's true for each place of power. One of them is already seen in its name VID. Its fort as such is also very illuminating and so are its energy whirls. A collection of whirls is wide but while marking and initializing them we followed the rule that all whirls should be of similar intensity.

    Energies affect beneficiently on us but their wealth is revealed only if we are relaxed, breathe properly, meditate, if we are free and aware of the fact that we live – here and now. Places of power can activate various reactions because the process of self-recovery is connected with solving various blockades visitors have.

    In Nature everything is circling, so let the energy you get on these plains circle as well. It is not fair if we only take from Nature, we must also give something back in order to make energy circle ... 


    Energy footpath of Čatež leads you along the dyke by the Sava river till the village Čatež ob Savi. At the end of the village it crosses the meadow and leads you through the beech forest following the signs. When entering the forest you will soon notice a number of interesting flowers such as gadwall, wild garlic, white bedstraw, brown and red wild geranium. It is a rather gently sloping path, suitable for the majority of hikers and for Nordic walking. At the highest point of the ascent there is a magnificent view of the whole Krško-Brežiško polje (field) and there is a nice church of St Vid. Altough it is a Romanesque church according to its shape with a subordinate rectangular nave and a semicircular apse, it has got Gothic formal links that are seen in the portal stony frame on the windows of the southern part of the nave. 

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