Gabernica Water Learning Trail

    Length: 17km
    Duration: 5 hours
    Starting point: at the source of the Gabernica Stream, Pišece, Duplo Cavern

    The trail runs along the Gabernica Stream, from its source in Pišece to its mouth into the Sava River. It is the first water learning trail in Slovenia. It presents the watercourse and its surroundings in a very interesting way − from the perspectives of natural science and exploitation. The trail starts at the spring of the Gabernica Stream, at the foot of the Orlica Hills in the village of Pišece, in the Duplo Cavern. Then it passes a renovated old mill, a small forest stream, which is home to many water plants and animals, and a pond in Pišece. It continues through the valley with an even richer meandering stream, along the Globoko−Pišece road and through the villages of Dednja Vas, Blatno and Piršnberg. The trail then runs across the Brežice Field, along the regulated bed and through the villages of Globoko, Cundrovec and Zakot to Mostec, where the stream flows into the Sava River. You will get to know the diversity of life along the Gabernica Stream: natural watercourse, use of the watercourse (mills), its features in the lowland, regulation of the natural watercourse (why and what are the consequences for the environment), lowland flood forests of Dobrava, and interesting floodplains near Kapele (Jovsi). You will also improve your environmental awareness when learning about the various forms and importance of water in nature (biotopes, ecology) and society (reservoirs, mills, ponds, bed paving, drainage of the “excessive” water for use in agriculture, use of thermal water ...)

    Signs: The trail is marked with 7 information boards (Spring, Pišece Castle, Valley, Globoko, Dobrava Forest, Jovsi Reserve (Kapele), Mostec).

    Sightseeing: spring of the Gabernica Stream in the Duplo Cavern, old mill, Pišece Castle, Dobrava Forest, Jovsi (Kapele), ferry crossing the Sava River (Mostec), natural diversity.

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