Pišece Forest Learning Trail

    Length: 4.5km (or less)
    Duration: 2−3 hours
    Starting point: “At the Mill” in Pišece

    The Forest Trail is circular and starts in the village of Pišece, “At the Mill”. You will first walk across the village, past the house where Maks Pleteršnik, well-known Slovenian linguist, used to live and work. It is also possible to begin “At the Pond”. Here, the road to Pišece Castle branches off from the local Pišece−Pavlova Vas road. The Forest Trail runs along the local road to Pišece Castle, turns onto the forest chute, ascends and descends to the forest road. Then turn left, continue up the Selna Stream and turn left onto the forest chute after 200m. You can shorten the trail by going right (down) along the forest road and coming back to the pond. If you continue along the forest chute, ascend slightly to the forest reserve, marked with two parallel blue lines on the trees. The reserve also represents the highest point of the trail, which then descends along the forest chutes to a hunting lodge. You can return along the asphalt road towards the pond or descend towards the village of Pišece. The latter version is without doubt more picturesque.

    Signs: The learning trail is marked with green and yellow blazes and 11 points of contents (At the Mill, At the Pond, Park at Pišece Castle, What is Measured in the Forest, Forest Ground, Forest Road, Forest Stream, Artificial Forest, Forest Reserve, Natural Forest, Forest Wildlife, Viewpoint above the Hunting Lodge, Extreme Forest Habitats).

    Church of St. Michael, Pleteršnik Homestead in Pišece, diverse flora and fauna

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