Trail of Kozjansko Soldiers

    Length: 28.5km
    Duration: 9−10 hours
    Starting point: Artiče

    The trail starts in the village of Artiče. You will get the control stamp in Anica Hode’s house (No. 21). Leave Artiče and walk across Sromlje, through the vineyards and to a vineyard cottage in Lastine, where stands a memorial plaque to the National Liberation War. Take the same route back and turn right at the crossroads. You will get the second control stamp at the Kostanjšek Homestead. Continue towards the villages of Silovec and Drenovec. When you reach the ridge, start descending towards the north, to the Rokavca Valley. You will get the third control stamp at the Preskar Mill.

    Walk along the road to the hamlet of Dobrava, turn right and continue walking for around 100m until you come to the forest. Descend slightly all the way to the gravel road, turn right and then left after around 5 minutes. Leave the road and start ascending across the meadow towards the village of Pečice. Another control stamp awaits you in Mimica Germšek’s house, 35 Pečice.

    Continue along the asphalt road to the east. Descend to the Močnik Stream, cross it and start ascending towards the village of Osredek. On the gravel road leading to Podsreda Castle, the trail joins the Zasavje Hiking Trail. In Osredek, the Zasavje Hiking Trail turns left, but you should continue straight on. You can get another stamp in Slavko Šulc’s house, situated at the end of the village.

    The trails first continues along the gravel road and then along the asphalt road. A blaze will soon direct you to the left into the forest. Walk below the Veliki Špiček Hill, past an old hunting lodge and a monument to a tragically deceased hunter. After leaving the forest, turn right onto the asphalt road and pass the birthplace of Maks Pleteršnik, well-known Slovenian linguist, in Pišece. You will get the stamp in the Verstovšek Bar opposite the old mill.

    Continue along the asphalt road towards the village of Bizeljsko and turn left into the village of Zgornje Podgorje after about 1km. Descend to the village of Banovec and ascend through the vineyards to the Church of St. Vitus. You will find the last stamp in the house below the church − 14 Boršt. Descend along the marked path through the vineyards and walk along the asphalt road for 30 minutes until you arrive in Bizeljsko.

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