Museums and collections

    In addition to traditional museums (e.g. the Brežice Posavski Regional Museum), there are also many smaller museum collections, archives and historic houses that can be found in Brežice and the surrounding areas. Most of them are aimed at promoting old farm and artisan traditions, preserving the memory of important historical figures in the area, and the preservation and revitalization of valuable history in general.

    Posavje Museum Brežice

    Museum visitors are able to collect information about the history of Brežice Castle, the museum creation and development, history, art and the lifestyle of Posavje residents. 

    Pleteršnik home Pišece − Association

    Author of Slovene-German dictionary, Maks Pleteršnik was born in the house in 1840 and died there in 1923.

    Museum – antique collection of Rezelj family

    It is a family collection which exhibits old objects, used by people in households, on farms, vineyards, orchards and for crafting.

    Travnikar Antiquity Collection

    The collection consists of tools and equipment that the locals used in their daily work, such as agricultural tools and objects, wine-growing tools and objects, carpentry, blacksmithing and shoemaking tools, etc.

    Babič family majolica collection

    Almost 1,300 diverse and interesting units prove their popularity with many nations, as they arrived to this collection from all around the world. 

    Ban's homestead

    You can view the renovated homestead, the outbuilding, pigpens, wine cellar with vineyard, bee hive, corn drying-shed, fruit dryer, an orchard with old fruit sorts and restored pool. 

    Fabinc farm, herb cultivation and processing

    ​The farm is located in Črnc, a settlement 500 metres North of the Brežice bypass road. They cultivate and process herbs in nature-friendly manner, dry them by themselves, process them into droplets, ointments, etc. Their showroom (granary from 1884) gives guests a chance to view and buy the products.

    Blacksmith's Museum Podgoršek

    Blacksmith's Museum Podgoršek is located in the centre of the nucleated village of Pišece

    Exhibitions of tourist offering in Bizeljsko

    In the renovated Community centre Bizeljsko there is an exhibition available where you can see what Bizeljsko can offer, its special features, winemakers and the activities of local non- governmental organisations.

    Polovič Hunting Museum

    It presents a unique private collection where visitors can see animals of the African wild, Slovene forests and North-American steppes. 

    Vladka Sumrek’s Studio

    The studio of the renowned painter Vladka Sumrek is at the same time an exhibition space for her works of art. You can visit the studio in the village of Črnc, about a kilometre away from Brežice, by prior arrangement.
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