Jovsi Natural Park

    Jovsi is a vast area of moored grasslands along the Sotla river, protected as a monument of nature and area of Natura 2000. Jovsi is the home to several rare and endangered species. 

    The Kozjansko nature park

    The Kozjansko nature park is one of the oldest and largest protected areas in Slovenia. It stretches into the Posavje Region, the region along the Sotla river and the region of Kozjansko. 

    The Confluence of the Krka and Sava Rivers

    When coming to Brežice from the direction of Ljubljana–Zagreb motorway, from the direction of Terme Čatež or from elsewhere, from the south to the north of Brežice, you cannot miss the greatest beauty of Brežice, the confluence of the Krka and Sava Rivers.

    Brežice Town Park

    The park and its learning trail will surely amaze you, including the children who can play in the playground and recreation lovers who can use trim equipment and an outdoor gym.

    The Thickest English Oak in Slovenia

    The route to the thickest oak in Slovenia will take you just a stone’s throw away from Brežice, through the small but pleasant village of Cundrovec. After driving across a long plain, you will turn left and a breath-taking view of the giant oak will open a few hundred metres ahead.

    Source of the Gabernica Stream and Duplo Cavern

    The Gabernica Stream, which flows beneath the Orlica Hills, has its source in the Duplo Cavern, in the village of Pišece. It is not possible to enter the cavern, as the water is used for the supply of the Bizeljsko Region.

    Nesting Place of the European Bee-Eater

    The quartz sandpit in Župjek na Bizeljskem is home to one of the most beautifully coloured birds – the European bee-eater (Merops apiaster). The name derives from its way of eating − the bird eats wild bees and other large insects that it catches in the air using its amazing skills and speed. 

    Ajdovska cave

    ​Ajdovska cave is located at the western edge of dispersed settlement Silovec pri Sromljah (Silovec 20). As an archaeological site, it was recognized in 1959 when land owners found late - Bronze age objects.

    Ferryboat in Mostec

    The Municipality of Brežice has a 130-year-old rafting tradition. The Mostec Tourist Association revived the tradition by transporting tourists via traditional ferryboat. Visitors are daily transported across the Sava River from Terme Čatež to the village of Mostec and back.
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