Brežice Town Park

    The park and its learning trail will surely amaze you, including the children who can play in the playground and recreation lovers who can use trim equipment and an outdoor gym.

    Just a few steps away from Brežice Castle lies a beautiful area where you can spend the hottest summer days, Brežice Town Park. In the summer, you can chill under majestic trees, in the autumn, you can enjoy the beautiful autumn colours and, in the winter, you can fool around in the snow. In December, the park is particularly interesting, as it is festively decorated.

    The park includes a learning trail and a children’s playground. It also represents the beginning of the Fairy Tale Walk around Brežice. Trim equipment and a so-called outdoor gym, where the visitors of Brežice have been able to exercise since 2013, are situated at the edge of the park, next to the Brežice Youth Hostel.

    At the edge of the park, in the embrace of mighty trees, stands the Brežice Youth Centre, which also houses the MC Club Bar. On the wonderful terrace of the club, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and the view of the park.

    Historical facts:
    Today’s town park was designed by the Attems family in the early 19th century and was owned by the castle until World War I. It was developed under the influence of a nearby park in Mokrice, as evidenced by its informal scheme, inspired by English landscape parks. When it was part of the castle, the park was fenced, but it was later made available to the locals. In 2010, it was completely renovated.

    Providers at the attraction: Brežice Youth Centre, Brežice Youth Hostel, Brežice Castle

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