Nesting Place of the European Bee-Eater

    The quartz sandpit in Župjek na Bizeljskem is home to one of the most beautifully coloured birds – the European bee-eater (Merops apiaster). The name derives from its way of eating − the bird eats wild bees and other large insects that it catches in the air using its amazing skills and speed. Apart from the sand walls of the Bizeljsko Region, the European bee-eater also nests along the Mura River, in the Goriška Rregion and in the sandpit of Ravno in the eastern part of the Krakovo Forest. Individual pairs also nest in the sand dunes of the gravel pit in Vrbina pri Brežicah. However, it should be mentioned that the sandpit in Župjek pri Bizeljskem was its only nesting place for many years. There is an enclosed observatory with an information board that allows you to observe these rare birds without disturbing them. It is recommended to use binoculars or telescopes.

    Historical facts:
    The locals say that European bee-eaters have nested in the area since 1984. At that time, around 50 pairs nested there, but its number decreased to around 20 pairs in recent years.

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