Source of the Gabernica Stream and Duplo Cavern

    The Gabernica Stream, which flows beneath the Orlica Hills, has its source in the Duplo Cavern, in the village of Pišece. It is not possible to enter the cavern, as the water is used for the supply of the Bizeljsko Region. Visitors can check the water quality at the tap near the entry to the cavern. A water wheel is located a few metres from the cavern, symbolising the everlasting energy.

    Historical facts:
    In the past, there were 7 mills in the village of Pišece, used for grinding grain. Today, only one of them still operates to commemorate the old days. The cavern is 11m long and 1m deep. You can learn more about the Gabernica Stream by following the Gabernica Water Learning Trail.

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