Old Town Centre

    Visiting the Old Town Centre of Brežice is a unique experience as it leads you down the path of past centuries and offers an insight into the life stories of the town’s ancestors whose marks are still imprinted on the old town.
    We suggest that you start your tour in the northern part of the town, at the Church of St. Rocco, built in 1764. Continue past today's Grammar School, which was once the seat of the Franciscan monastery, and past the Square of the Exiled, where you can stop and see the so-called German House, a symbol of the turn of the 20th century, when the town became one of the centres of the national fight against ethnic oppression.
    As more interesting buildings follow, you will be impressed by the National Hall, the parish Church of Sv. Lawrence and the House of the Del Cott family. If you continue toward the castle, you will see the old pharmacy and the farm buildings of the former castle (castle granary and stables) to the left of the Town Hall. Complete the walk with a visit to the mighty Brežice Castle, which is situated on the south side of the town's main street.

    Continuing less than 50 meters to the south will bring you to the old bridge over the rivers Krka and Sava. On your return to the town, the route will lead you past the famous symbol of Brežice, the 46 meter high water tower, built in 1914 for the urban water supply.
    You will constantly be accompanied by information boards describing all the city's attractions along the way.

    Architectural sketches of the Brežice Old Town Centre

    The project of the Architectural sketches of the Brežice old city centre was designed during the efforts to revive the old city center. The purpose of the project is to diversify the image of the city street. It represents the way of the reviving the abandoned urban storefronts, which for some time take on the role of presentation framework for the works of the local artists. Walk around the city represents a walk along the street gallery. For a creator Vesna Lapuh, architectural sketching presents special meditative conversation with the city, buildings and landscape. She gets aquainted with the urban architecture, constructions and art expressiveness of the buildings and other structures. Such observation and study removes the veil when looking at the creations of our ancestors and shows the way of designing the future. In the sketches only a part of the interesting building fund of Brežice is depicted. It shows the buldings and sturctures, which have through historical development and various renovations managed todecently keep the original architectural qualities.

    Brežice Youth Centre − MC Club

    The Brežice Youth Centre boasts excellent facilities and technical equipment, available for use by prior arrangement. We also offer technical and catering support in the organisation of events.

    MC Hostel Brežice

    MC Hostel Brežice is located in the centre of the city park in Brežice, castle of Brežice and in the immediate vicinity of notable Terme Čatež. The hostel also offers various programmes for children and adults a new room for mobility impaired people, access to the room and fintess equipment.

    Castle Brežice

    It is supposed that the castle was built in the 12th century on a small slope on the left bank of the Sava River, separating Styria and Carniola. It was built by the Salzburg people in order to serve administrative and defence purposes.

    Motorhome stopover (PZA Brežice)

    PZA (the abbreviation for Postajališče Za Avtodome) includes four asphalt parking spaces for motorhomes. The services of PZA include an electrical hook up, drinking water and a disposal facility.

    Castle Stables

    The basis of the building dates back to the construction of the castle, i.e. to the 16th century. A large hall with a colonnade and vaulted ceiling, which served as horse stables, is preserved on the ground floor.

    Splavar Brežice

    The Splavar Hotel (rafter) is located in the city centre of Brežice, next to the main street. The restaurant offers daily fresh meals of selected dishes and rafter's top-quality desserts.

    Osteria Debeluh

    Osteria Debeluh is a family-run restaurant in the centre of Brežice. Since 2008, they have been a member of the European association of top young caterers Jeunes Restaurantes d'Europe.

    Cultural centre and Brežice cinema

    The Brežice cinema was re-opened in December 2015 in the local cultural centre. Since then every Friday and Saturday the newest films are shown there.

    Splavar Inn

    The Splavar Inn offers working lunches a la carte as well as meals on the menu and tasting menus. All food on selected dishes is fresh. Also they offer many other culinary delights focusing on the local and the Slovene cuisines. Dine to combine, for arranged groups and individuals, dinner with live music is served every first and third weekend in the month.

    Inn and pizzeria »Santa Lucija«

    Once a drug store, now the Inn and pizzeria Santa Lucija is located in the city centre of Brežice. They can prepare you a special lunch for various occasions on request.

    Apartment Gasa

    The holiday apartment is located in the old town centre of Brežice, in the area that was once inside the city walls of Brežice Castle.
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