Repnice are one of the features that certainly will not leave you indifferent. We are talking about caves dug into quartz sand, which were used for storing turnips, the main forage for livestock, over the winter. Turnip is called »repa« in Slovene, hence the name. After abandoning these storing methods, the repnice become one of the monuments of past times, while many winemakers converted them into a space for storing and tasting their excellent wines. This provides an opportunity for a truly unique experience by visiting up to 200-year-old repnice in the villages of Brezovica, Bizeljsko, Pišece and Globoko. Some of them are decorated with remarkably interesting mouldings on the ceilings or walls. They are characterized by an ideal temperature and humidity, which are necessary for the storage and maturation of wines.

    Najger repnica cave

    ​Najger repnica cave is located at the top of Brezovica in Bizeljsko. Digging started in 19th century when they needed a storage place for the winter. One of prettiest and largest repnica caves.

    Repnica Vino Graben

    The winery is located in the Bizeljsko region, not far from Croatian border, 18 kilometres from Brežice, surrounded by Bizeljsko-sremiška wine region. They also offer a small flat with 5 beds and a mini-kitchen.

    Repnica Balon

    ''Repnice'' are underground cellars dug in the sand used for food storage. Family Balon has an underground tunnel that is dug from a closet in the house to a vineyard cottage, from the cottage the tunnel leads to ''repnica'', which has two exits, so there was a possibility to escape from it.

    Tourist Farm Pudvoi

    ​Tourist Farm Pudvoi is located in Brezovica in Bizeljsko region, 14 kilometres from Brežice. All rooms have a bathroom (shower, toilet) and are equipped in old farmer style with homemade furniture.

    Repnica cave at Kovačič family

    ​The home is located among the hills of Bizeljsko, at the end of village Brezovica. It is approximately 3 kilometres from the centre of Bizeljsko. 
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