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    Food in Brežice's restaurants and pizzerias always smells good. Your taste buds will be pampered with delicious flavours and the rich menus will fit everyone's taste. Hint: do not forget the house specialties.

    Pension Les Inn

    Pension Les Inn is located in the centre of the village Čatež ob Savi, close to the city of Brežice and Ljubljana – Zagreb motorway. You can also spend your holidays there in four three-bed rooms with bathroom and kitchen.


    Cozy “italian inspired” place in the city center and just a stone throw away from the historic Brežice Castle.
    Neapolitan pizza their way with huge emphasis on fresh ingredients and natural wine.

    Taproom - Reset Brewery

    12 taps, from where a fresh beer is poured into a immaculate clean glass by our awesome staff by the tap counter. Dreams of every true craft beer lover! We are getting close to the opening date, so follow our social media.

    Inn Grill Brežice

    Grill Brežice offers grilled specialties roasted on natural charcoal which gives the dishes great and distinctive taste. They offer all kinds of grilled meats, vegetables, delicious pizzas, salads, and desserts.

    Osteria Debeluh

    Osteria Debeluh is a family-run restaurant in the centre of Brežice. Since 2008, they have been a member of the European association of top young caterers Jeunes Restaurantes d'Europe.

    Green Bean vegan-friendly takeaway bistro

    Green Bean is the first vegan–friendly takeaway bistro in Posavje region, environmentally friendly (local ingredients) and friendly to animals. The takeaway is situated in the Brežice Old Town where they offer handmade, tasteful and healthy sandwiches with fillings, fresh smoothies and seasonal soups.

    Restaurant and pizzeria Valentina

    Restaurant and pizzeria Valentina is located in Dobova and is first friendly greeting passengers when crossing the Slovenian–Croatian border in the southeastern part of Slovenia. The kitchen has a long - time tradition, you can enjoy in tasty culinary dishes and everyday meals. Beside the restaurant there is also a room for romantic and other important meetings.

    Splavar Inn

    The Splavar Inn offers working lunches a la carte as well as meals on the menu and tasting menus. All food on selected dishes is fresh. Also they offer many other culinary delights focusing on the local and the Slovene cuisines. Dine to combine, for arranged groups and individuals, dinner with live music is served every first and third weekend in the month.

    Kocjan Inn and Accommodation

    ​The Kocjan Inn is located in Stara vas in Bizeljsko region, along the road that connects Brežice and Maribor and is 15 kilometres from Brežice.It is widely known for its homemade meals.

    Šekoranja Inn

    ​The inn is located along the main road Brežice – Maribor in the centre of Bizeljsko. During the season, they expand their offer with pork and sausages, home poultry and homemade dry-meat goods.

    Racman Inn

    You will find Racman Inn in Brezina, a village that is approximately 3 kilometres from the centre of Brežice and 5 kilometres from Terme Čatež.

    Restaurant Štefanič

    Restaurant Štefanič is located at the entrance to Brežice and is only 2 kilometres from Terme Čatež. They offer warm brunches, daily lunches, fish meals, grilled meals, roast suckling pig, a la carte and desserts.

    Old Inn »Krulc«

    The Krulc Inn is the oldest inn of the Posavje region with its beginnings in 1529. According to the oral tradition, Matija Gubec, the leader of the Slovene-Croatian peasant revolt dined there.

    Cetin Inn

    ​The inn is located in Mostec, only a stone's throw from Terme Čatež. You can take the ferry from there which will bring you across Sava to the other side.

    Inn and pizzeria »Santa Lucija«

    Once a drug store, now the Inn and pizzeria Santa Lucija is located in the city centre of Brežice. They can prepare you a special lunch for various occasions on request.

    Inn and pizzeria Italia

    Inn and pizzeria Italia welcomes you at the entrance to Brežice. It is only 2 kilometres from Terme Čatež. They will serve you on the outer terrace or in a pleasant environment inside. 

    Pizzeria and pub Point

    Pizzeria and pub Point is located 1.5 km from the Terme Čatež.

    Inn at the confluence and accommodation Budič

    The Budič Inn is located at the exact position where Krka joins Sava, less than one kilometre from Terme Čatež and Brežice.

    »Pohak« Inn

    Pohak Inn found its place in the centre of Cerklje ob Krki, along the road which connects Brežice with Kostanjevica na Krki.

    Strniša Catering

    The inn is located in Jesenice na Dolenjskem, in the vicinity of the state border crossing Obrežje. They will serve you delicious brunches and a la carte.

    Erban Inn

    Erban Inn is located in Župelevec, along the road between Brežice and Bizeljsko. They serve delicious brunch and drinks, a la carte, soups, pizzas, salads, pasta, meat and grilled vegetables, and desserts.

    Magdalena Inn

    The inn is located in Jesenice na Dolenjskem, close to the national border with Croatia, 11 kilometres from Brežice and 9 kilometres from Terme Čatež.
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