Old Inn »Krulc«

    The Krulc Inn is the oldest inn of the Posavje region with its beginnings in 1529. According to the oral tradition, Matija Gubec, the leader of the Slovene-Croatian peasant revolt dined there. The inn is located in Mostec, only a stone's throw from Terme Čatež, from there you can use the ferry to take you across the Sava to the other side.  If you use the road, it is approximately 4 kilometres from Brežice and Terme Čatež. You will be served with brunch, lunch, a la carte, pizzas, fish, along with homemade wines in facilities which were renovated in 2007. Also closed groups are welcomed.

    Every Thursday from May until September after 11 am suckling pig is served.

    Opening hours:
    Monday - Saturday: 9:00−22:00
    Sunday: 10:00−22:00
    Mostec 47, 8257 Dobova
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    +386 40 519 549, 7 496 79 33
    matevz@krulc.si, janko@krulc.si
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