Sport and Water Adventures 

    ...that definitely get the blood pumping!

    During summer months, the green surroundings of Brežice, especially the beautiful banks of the rivers Krka, Sava and Sotla, are very lovely. Canoeing and stand up paddling on the the Krka River belong to the most popular activities during the summer heat, but you can also simply relax or take a swim.

    An abundance of fun will also  await you at the renowned thermal complex of the municipality. You can visit the biggest Slovenian spa resort Terme Čatež, or else choose the youngest thermal spa in Slovenia - Terme Paradiso in Dobova, which is only 4 kilometres away from Brežice. No matter where the road takes you, rest assured that a great atmosphere is guaranteed!

    Thermal Riviera in Terme Čatež Spa Resort

    With the largest outdoor pool complex far and wide, the Summer Thermal Riviera provides entertainment for people of all ages on over 10,000 m² of thermal water surfaces.

    Thermal water park in Paradiso Terme

    The hotel complex includes 1800 m2 of water surface with excellent thermal water. Indoor and outdoor pool is open all year, other things operate only during the summer season, from May untill September.

    SUP Čatež

    Experience the Krka river from a new perspective. Idyllic summer Krka with its green surroundings, underwater reefs, and hidden sand dunes is a perfect SUP destination, where you will be able to learn to paddle against the stream

    Sotočje Sports Club

    Sotočje Sports Club represents a part of a wide range of experience along the Krka River. Those who want to spice up their day by using the waves of the beauty of Dolenjska region can rent a kayak or canoes with all the necessary equipment and a professional guide.

    Biking, advice, guiding

    In the broader area of the Posavje region, there are numerous bike-lanes. The region can be detected along main or side-roads with less traffic. Street- as well as mountain-biking is possible.

    Over the Sromelje Hills by Electric Bike

    In the middle of the wine-growing landscape, only a stone’s throw away from the town of Brežice, where runs the Sromelje Trail of Wine and Sun, you can enjoy the beauties of nature in a slightly different way.

    SRC Grič – Svibor Ltd

    Sports recreational centre Grič is located near Brežice, along the Krka river. It operates in summer months, from April to September and it offers different experience of nature.

    Sport facilities SRC Grič - street workout

    As part of the EU-project “Sports for healthy ageing” the municipality of Brežice set up sports facilities for exercising outdoors. The premises are open for everyone free of charge. 

    Ferryboat in Mostec

    The Municipality of Brežice has a 130-year-old rafting tradition. The Mostec Tourist Association revived the tradition by transporting tourists via traditional ferryboat. Visitors are daily transported across the Sava River from Terme Čatež to the village of Mostec and back.

    Tactical Skills Service (TSS)

    Diverse offer of parachuting (parachute school, tandem jumps, jumps to events, aircraft flights) and survival in the wild for organisations and a programme for schools.
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