Sustainable initiative

    The Institute for Entrepreneurship, Tourism, and Youth, with good organization, creative networking, and efficient functioning, also works in the field of sustainable development.

    Sustainable economic activity

    It is committed to respecting for cultural values in a society that is environmentally oriented and at the same time, it is one that can develop sustainable economic activities that positively influence the development of all participants and are socially just and at the same time optimize the economic effect.

    The Discoverbrezice website re-launches the online store and the purchase of tourist packages. With every online purchase of a coupon or gift certificate, you support ideas in the field of sustainable development.
    With the money collected from the sold online tourist packages, we will make these ideas come true and the aim is to improve the quality of everyday life in Brežice. We will keep you informed about all sustainable initiatives. For all ideas and suggestions, we are always available by telephone, e-mail or at the head office of the Institute.

    Small steps, one goal

    All the small steps are the key for a common goal, which is:
    • Connecting tourism providers and promoting a respectful and responsible attitude towards the natural and social environment in Slovenia.
    It is necessary to be aware that the world that we create together will be left for our descendants, so our youngest are those who will receive our heritage and the challenges associated with it.
    With every online purchase, you support the development of sustainable development in the municipality of Brežice.
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