Tourist Farm Vimpolšek

    Tourist farm is located on the edge of Brežice, parallel to the regional road Krško – Brežice. They are engaged in agriculture, livestock farming and viticulture.

    Family beekeeping Tomše

    Tomše family offers guided tour of their beehive, bee family and the vicinity. Visitors can buy honey products. You can also be served a meal in the wine temple.   

    Tourist Centre, Snack Bar, Ana Kranjčič

    The Tourist Centre is located in a quiet natural environment 10 kilometres away from Brežice.
    You will be served fresh trout and carp fished daily from their own pond, smoked trout or fish stew.

    Pribožič Farm

    ​Pribožič Farm is located in Dečno selo, at the very edge of Pannonian basin and at the beginning of Bizeljsko-sremiška wine region.

    Tourist Farm Balon − Bela gorca

    ​Tourist farm Balon is located at the edge of Bizeljsko, 16 kilometres from Brežice, along the road connecting Bizeljsko and Pišece.
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