Wineries and wine cellars

    The Podgorjanska and Bizeljko-sremiška wine roads, which are definitely worth exploring, cross the hills of the Brežice municipality. You have the opportunity to taste (and purchase) wines from both wine regions in the wine cellar of the Town Hall. Or you can find out which wine excites you most and head straight to the wine makers themselves!

    Podgorjanska wine road

    Located on the right bank of the Sava River, this wine road is recognized for worshiping cviček, a Slovenian wine specialty. Cviček is a light acidic red wine, unique because it is made using both red and white grape varieties. In the Gadova peč Inn, also known as the cradle of cviček, the locals set up a system of on duty vineyard cottages open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday or any day by making a phone reservation. There, they will serve you with cviček accompanied by delicious local delicacies to make it that much more appealing.
    Opening hours of the vineyard cottages on duty in the Gadova peč Inn:
    Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 19 pm, during the week days by arrangement.
    During the week through hotlines 00386 31 308 418 and 00386 31 308 287.

    Bizeljsko-sremiška wine road

    Located on the left bank of Sava River where, among other excellent wines, the winegrowers produce red and white Bizeljčan, which bears the mark PTP (recognized traditional denomination) since 2009. While there make sure to visit the repnice, wine cellars dug out of siliceous sand, which was laid down in the area of Bizeljsko millions of years ago by the Pannonian Sea.

    Tourist Farm Pri Martinovih

    Tourist farm is located in the wine-growing hills and peaks of Gorjanci, 5 kilometres from Ljubljana – Zagreb motorway.

    Wine cellar Jarkovič

    Wine cellar Jarkovič offers wine tasting of selected wines, purchasing wines and other home products. The main part of the wine cellar is a Wine Library that creates a charming place where stories of wine production, maturation, wine tastings are told.

    Keltis farm Kelhar

    Keltis farm Kelhar has a 240-year long family tradition of wine production. They offer ecologically produced biodynamic wines. They follow natural development of wines (from sparkling to macerated wines), to fully express their potential. The farm is situated on the fertile and warm hillocks of Bizeljsko.

    Wine cellar Hiša pesmi in vina

    The farm offers ecologically produced wines. Among the variety of wines that one can taste they also offer cold cuts. Singing and playing songs is a family tradition and visitors love them.

    Tourist Farm Istenič

    Wine cellar and tourist facilities of Istenič family are located in Stara vas in Bizeljsko, 14 kilometres from Brežice. You can watch the production process in their cellar and try the champagnes in tasting hall.

    Vina Varlec

    The farm winery Vina Varlec is situated on the top of a hillock in Podgorje, its vineyards spread around the homestead. The estate covers approximately 9 hectares of viticultural surface and is 20 km away from Brežice. To visitors is offered wine tasting and they can buy different sorts of characteristic wine of the area.

    Wine cellar Nujec

    Nujec is domestic name by the Balon family used due to better recognition of the same name winegrowers in Bizeljsko.

    Tourist Farm Pinterič

    The wine cellar is located in the heart of Bizeljsko, along the main road between Brežice and Bistrica ob Sotli. Pinterič family offers a tour of the wine cellar and tasting of white, red and sparkling wines.

    Wine cellar Molipachi

    Welcome to a new wine cellar Molipachi. The rooms are spacious and cosy where one can feel being at home. The entire experience of wine tasting is splendid, so we recommend it to all demanding wine lovers. Bookings are welcome.

    Wine Cellar – Winery Berkovič

    The oldest wine cellar in Bizeljsko takes pride in the year 1722 and according to research it is even older. It is located near Bizeljsko, surrounded with vineyards, at the top of the hill with a beautiful view of the valley.

    Town Hall

    At the heart of the old town stands the mighty Town Hall, which underwent quite a few changes since its beginnings. Its events with a great atmosphere are well worth a visit.

    Prah – Vitovec Winery

    Prah Winery is located along the Podgorjanska cesta 6 kilometres from Terme Čatež.Professional wine tasting is available

    Klakočar Wine Cellar

    The Klakočar family is known for their top-quality predicate wines and speciality wines. The wine cellar which operates in one part of Bizeljsko Castle will enchant you with superb wines and excellent food.
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