Wine cellar Nujec

    NUJEC is domestic name by the Balon family used due to better recognition of the same name winegrowers in Bizeljsko.

    The century old name Nujec originates from the oak in Gregovci, on Bizeljsko.Their wines ripen there among the roots of the oldest oak in Slovenia and even though he's already died he's still worth a visit. Oak is also a recognizable symbol of their wines.

    They are processing 8 hectares of vineyard areas. In their basement they can offer you 14 different types of wines. They produce white wines of the following varieties: Bizeljčan PTP white, Pinot Gris, yellow Muscat, Chardonnay, Laszlo Riesling, green Silvanec and yellow Plavec which is their autochthonous variety. They also produce red wines like Bizeljčan PTP red, blue pinot and blue frankinja. They are also proud of the wine rose from blue frankinja.

    They can take up to 50 people.

    Accessible for disabled people.


    Working hours:

    Monday - Saturday: 8 am – 19 pm,

    on Sundays is closed.
    Gregovce 16, 8259 Bizeljsko
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    +386 31 304 357

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