Visiting Čatež and Brežice with an RV is definitely a special adventure that allows a lot of freedom and is ideal for further explorations.
Visiting Čatež and Brežice with an RV is definitely a special adventure that allows a lot of freedom and is ideal for further explorations. The modern RV parking area has four paved parking places with electricity, water, and sewer hook-ups. Next to the parking area, there are also tables and benches, and a small children’s playground.

The arranged motorhome stopover (PZA) in Brežice offers four paved pitches. It is equipped with power sockets, connections to water supply and fittings to discharge wastewater and faeces. There are also tables and benches arranged nearby. Brežice and its surroundings are full of hiking and cycling routes. A trip through hilly landscape is also a marvellous gastronomic experience with Podgorjanci and Bizeljsko-Sremič wine roads dotted by homesteads and wineries inviting you for refreshment, including homemade delicacies and excellent wine.

Motorhome owners, welcome :)
Everything you need within reach:
  • Ideal starting point for visiting Terme Čatež or Terme Paradiso, which are only a 10-minute drive away.
  • 5–8 minutes of slow walking to the old town centre, where you can see many sights.
  • Perfect starting point for cycling.
  • Just a few steps away from the reservoir and close to the Vrbina forest with many hiking possibilities. 
PZA Brežice Pricelist

Price for 1 Jan – 31 Dec
RV parking max. 2 nights: Free
Electricity per 1 kWh of use: €0.50
Water per 10 l: €0.10
Popolno izhodišče tudi za daljše izlete

Perfect also for Longer Trips

Brežice has a great transitional position directly at the highway, which makes it a great stop even if you are travelling to Zagreb or Dalmatia or, in the opposite direction, if travelling towards Ljubljana or further.
This makes Brežice an ideal choice for everybody who want to stay for a longer vacation in Posavje or just stop for a day or two to enjoy sports in nature and experience the cuisine, the idyll and hospitality of the small town with a big heart.
Aktivno preživljanje prostega časa

Leisure Activities

If you decide to park your RV here, you will definitively not be bored. Close to the RV parking, you can find plenty opportunities for leisure activities. Next to the parking, there is a modern skate park, where you can get you adrenaline flowing. You can go on a relaxed walk to the embankment at the reservoir of the Brežice Hydroelectric Power Plant, which will take you to the reservoir and provide a beautiful view of the surrounding hills and the Verbina forest on the other side, where you can make a turn and walk along the macadam roads through the unspoiled forest. You can also discover these roads on a bike.

If you head towards the town centre, you will first come to the beautiful Brežice Park, where you can find a cool shelter during the summer heat, enjoy the colourful leaves in the autumn, or experience a proper winter idyll. You can also take a break on the beautiful terrace of the pub MC Klub. If you are travelling with children, they can play on the playground or try the outdoor fitness gym.
Only a few hundred metres further, you can find the Brežice Castle. You should definitely not miss its famous beautiful Knight’s Hall. Take a walk through the old town centre and stop for a refreshing ice cream, frozen yogurt, pizza or drinks at one of the town cafés.
Izkoristite aktivnosti ob in na vodi

Activities near and on Water

The nearby reservoir provides many opportunities for sporting activities, and you can also go swimming in the Krka River with an access point at the Beach Bar Tochka. You can also rent a SUP board, kayak or canoe, train in the outdoor fitness gym, or just spend a beautiful day with a picnic in one of the designated picnic sites.

If you like hiking, you can visit the nearby mountain Šentviška Gora with a church at the top, which lies above Brežice and offers a beautiful view over the neighbourhood. On your way through the forest, you can stop at marked energy points, which are part of the Čatež Energy Trail.
Le nekaj minut do welness ponudbe in kopanja

​Just a Few Minute Drive to Wellness and Bathing

It is just a ten-minute drive from the RV parking lot to Terme Čatež or Terme Paradiso in the direction towards Dobova, where you can swim in pools and take advantage of the rich wellness offer and other activities. Spend the day in one of the spas, which are also ideal on rainy days.
Doživite gastronomske Brežice

​Experience the Gastronomy of Brežice

There are many opportunities for great gastronomic experiences in Brežice and its surroundings. In the town, you can visit one of the pizza restaurants, a traditional restaurant, the Splavar pub, or the renowned JRE (Jeunes Restaurateurs) restaurant Ošterija Debeluh.

Even a stroll across the hills around Brežice can be a unique gastronomic adventure, because this is the place of the two wine roads Podgorjanska and Bizeljsko–Sremič. Local farms and wineries will welcome you with open arms and offer their homemade delicacies and delicious wines.
Prenočite v Brežicah brezplačno

​Spend a Night in Brežice for Free

The RV parking area in Brežice includes four paved parking places for RVs with electricity, water, and sewer hook-ups. You can spend the night for free and only pay for the electricity and water according to use. Next to the parking spaces, there are also tables and benches where you can enjoy your breakfast, chat, have a cup of coffee or eat lunch.
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