Artiče Fruit Trail

Length: 9 km
Duration: 3-4 h
Starting point: Ban’s Homestead

Hiking on the Artiče Fruit Trail is pleasant in all seasons. The trail is not difficult and thus suitable for young or old people and families with children. It will lead you through forests, meadows and gorgeous orchards of apple, peach, pear, cherry and sour-cherry trees, as well as across strawberry plantations. The path is especially charming in spring, when trees are in bloom, and in autumn, when they are full of juicy and delicious fruits.

You will certainly want to stop at one of the fruit farms, since the fruit path will lead you through their yards. At the farms of the families Bogovič, Krošelj, Molan, Gorišek, Jelčič, Cerjak, Rožman, Kovačič and Lupšina, or at the Artiče primary school you will be warmly welcomed and upon prior arrangement served a snack. You can also buy seasonal fruit and products made of it. At the Deržanič farm in Arnovo selo, also asparagus is sold, in Dečno selo at the Grahek-Hribar farm you can get dried fruits and at the Černelič farm they offer organic strawberries and vegetables.

The Artiče Fruit Trail finishes at the Ban's Homestead. The buildings of this farm have thatched roofs and tell a tale of farm-work chores and hard life of the past. Guided tours are organised by the Artiče Tourist Association.
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