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Čebelarstvo FerenčakČebelarstvo FerenčakČebelarstvo FerenčakČebelarstvo Ferenčak
Beekeeping Ferenčak is a company based on love of nature, solidarity and striving for quality. The beginnings date back to before the Second World War, when great-grandfathers continued to beekeeping, and then Father Jože impressed and encouraged the youngest of the brothers - Rok - who in 2000, at the age of only 10, began to be an amateur beekeeper. He eventually passed on his love of beekeeping to the whole family. Between 2013 and 2018, the care for the bees was taken over by brother Marko, who for 5 years was professionally engaged exclusively in the production of honey and during that time tripled the volume of hives and bees.

Without mutual help, when there is the most work with bees and honey, of course it is not possible, so all the Ferenčak always come together and help each other. Quality is more important than quantity. This is one of the basic rules that has been followed from the beginning. With two trucks, bees graze in locations in the heart of unspoiled nature, where there are no negative human influences, and exclusively in Slovenia.

At Ferenčak Beekeeping, opinions are that knowledge, tradition and love of nature go together perfectly to complement and upgrade. They are convinced that this is the only way they can show a responsible attitude towards nature and at the same time offer customers the highest quality honey.

HONEY: floral, linden, acacia, forest, chestnut and walking
HONEY SUPPLEMENTS: propolis, pollen, apivital, honey + walnuts
HONEY DRINKS: honey liqueur, mead
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