Brežice Town Hall

At the heart of the old town stands the mighty Town Hall which underwent quite a few changes in the past. Events with a great atmosphere taking place at the Town Hall are well worth a visit.

Mestna hiša BrežiceMestna hiša Brežice
The town bloomed in the time of its construction, which is also reflected in its external design. It is a late-baroque building with the accentuated central axis and large stone portal with the Brežice coat-of-arms and year 1769 on the ground floor. There is also a small balcony with baroque railings and a simple door on the first floor. The roof boasts a triangular element and a dial in the middle.

In written sources it is also referred to as “Magistrat”. It housed a music school from the end of World War 2 to the turn of the millennium, while today the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Youth Brežice uses it as the main office for tourist information, multimedia room and to offer local wines and other products. There are two charging points for electric vehicles nearby.

It is said that everyone who comes to Brežice should visit the Town Hall. Why?

The Town Hall includes:
  • Brežice Tourist Information Centre
Friendly staff, organisation of guided tours, preparation of attractive tourist packages, a short movie about the local tourist offer in 7 languages, a diverse range of local souvenirs.
  • Shop with local products
Local products from nearby farms, unique items, handicrafts, jewellery, souvenirs.Wine shop with wines from the Posavska region
  • Guided wine tasting of Posavska region wines, a range of bottled wines for purchase, workshops and training for winemakers.
You can also register for using an automated public bike rental system. The access to the Bržkolo bicycle-sharing system services is free-of-charge for local citizens. Soon, it will be available to foreign tourist. To access the service, you require user card and PIN number which you obtain after signing a contract. You receive your user card for free. To sign the contract, you must provide personal identification document and tax number certificate.

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday: 9.00 am - 1.00 pm
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