Brežice Water Tower

The water tower is the most recognisable landmark of the city. It vertical line is visible from afar and invites you to the city which was regarded as an “important market town” for several centuries.

Vodovodni stolp BrežiceVodovodni stolp BrežiceVodovodni stolp BrežiceVodovodni stolp BrežiceVodovodni stolp Brežice
The water tower was built in 1914 as a part of the city's water supply system. It is 46 metres high and mostly round with an octagonal reservoir sitting at the top supported by sixteen consoles.

Apart from the water tower in Kranj, built in 1911, the Brežice Water Tower is the only example of this kind of building from that time in Slovenia and demonstrates an interesting water supply solution for lowland areas. Powered by a power plant, it was in operation until 1983, while today it invites visitors to Brežice from afar.

Bizeljska cesta 4, 8250 Brežice

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