Castle trail

Length of the route: 12 km
Time: 4 h
Starting point: In front of the Bizeljsko community building

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As its name suggests, the trail will take you to Bizeljsko Castle. It starts on Kumrovška Road in the centre of Bizeljsko, next to the information board. You will see the parish Church of St. Lawrence on the Hribček Hill in front of you. Turn left at the mighty Kos’s house and ascend along the asphalt road past the primary school. When walking through the vineyards, you can see the Obsotelje Region and Mt. Medvednica (Sljeme is its highest peak) in Croatia. On the left, you can enjoy a picturesque view of the St. Vitus Trail and the Church of St. Vitus, with the Orlica Hills and the peak of Špiček in the background. You can also go to the “Lusthaus” (a beautiful viewpoint). To arrive there, you would have to turn left at the crossroads behind the chapel and continue along the gravel road. Instead, follow the asphalt road to the Drenovec−Bukovje crossroads.

Continue straight on to the Pr' Mrazi Wine Cellar, which holds a famous majolica collection. Then ascend to the old Premelč (“Puhpinter”) Household, which keeps many old farm tools.

Continue ascending through a small forest to the crossroads. The road straight ahead leads to the Bizeljsko Castle, but you should turn right, past the Lupšina Homestead and Malus Winery, where you will see the Bizeljsko Castle in the distance for the first time. The trail descends steeply through Srajček, runs through the forest and passes a vineyard cottage. You will soon see the Obsotelje Region and the town of Klanjec in Croatia. The trail will then take you to the crossroads where you will see the ruins of Cesargrad Castle in Croatia in the far distance. Stick to the right, walk along the asphalt road and turn left at the next crossroads following the asphalt road. At the signboard, turn right onto the gravel cart track that winds across the stream and between fields, meadows and vineyards with the view of Bizeljsko Castle. It will take you to the Bizeljsko−Orešje road.

Turn left and continue along the asphalt road past the Church of St. Magdalene. Ascend slightly to the wine-growing Malus Homestead. You can see the old Orešje School on the right, named after Anton Martin Slomšek.
You will see another magnificent building on the way − Šribar Homestead (now Faber), which has always been called “Freihof” (a Hallstatt urn was found here, indicating that the settlement already existed in 3500 BC). On the way, you will pass many homesteads offering wine, such as Pavlin, Petrišič, Kunst, Zagmajster, Berkovič, and others.

Several rock faces rise over the village, the most prominent being the so-called Vlka Rock Face. Along the way, you can enjoy the view of Bizeljsko Castle on the left. You will finally arrive at the castle cellars and granary, situated below Bizeljsko Castle.

The Castle Trail than runs through a tree-lined castle avenue and leads you to the village of Bizeljska Vas and the Rožman Homestead, home to an over 300-year-old linden tree, the oldest in Slovenia.

When you arrive at the roundabout, continue straight on, go slightly uphill along the old castle forest path, past the Bandit’s Ravine (“Tolovajski Graben”) to the hunter's lodge and to the “Lusthaus”. It offers a breath-taking view of Bizeljsko and its surroundings. Descend along the cart track through the vineyards and to Slavik’s chapel. Return to the starting point, i.e. to the centre of Bizeljsko, following the Castle Trail.

Points of interest: collection of natural and cultural heritage of Bizeljsko and Slomšek’s room in the parish house, Church of St. Lawrence and St. Anthony, Rural Development Centre – exhibition room, Kovačič Winery, Church of St. Anthony, Bizeljsko Castle, Klakočar and Berkovič Cellars, Lusthaus.

Type of route: hiking trail
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 4 h
Length: 12 km
Height difference: 393 m
Starting point: In front of the Bizeljsko local community building
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