Homemade is the best!

Farms in destination Čatež and Brežice

You can fully experience Čatež and Brežice through the genuine locally produced food.

We recommend that you visit one of the local farms where you can try many homemade products and buy their seasonal produce. Many farmers also grow herbs and fruit.

Alpaka ranch Pepito & Friends

Meet furries of all sizes and shapes.

Balon – Bela gorca Tourist Farm

The Balon Tourist Farm is located at the edge of Bizeljsko, 16 kilometres from Brežice, along the road connecting Bizeljsko and Pišece.

Fabinc Farm – Herb Cultivation and Processing

The farm is located in the settlement of Črnc, 500 metres north of the Brežice bypass. They are engaged in herb cultivation and processing. Herbs are grown, dried and used to produce herbal drops, ointments, etc. in an environmentally friendly way.

Konoplja osvobaja, d.o.o.

In this day and age ... Since ancient times, there is only one plant that has been used all over the world, giving us food, clothing, paper, building material, fuel, medicines and having the power to influence our consciousness, imagination and view of the world. This plant is Cannabis sativa.

​Medvešek Preskar Distillery

The Preskar Distillery is located in the Posavje region, famous for its fruit farming and viticulture. The family lives at a small fruit-growing farm.

​Černelič Biodynamic Farm

Quality crops are produced through the proper approach to nature and soil. You can buy their products at the farm on Tuesday and Friday evening.

Beekeeping Ferenčak

Products of Volovec family

The Volovec family comes from Dobova, where they create healthy, natural and home-made products.

Omerzu Farm

The Omerzu Farm is located in the Posavje region, in a small village of Zgornja Pohanca at the edge of the Kozjansko Park. It is surrounded by woods and unspoiled nature.

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