Footpath to Repnice

Length: 5 km
Duration: 3 h
Starting point: Istenič Sparkling Wine Cellar

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The trail starts at a large building, called “Ekonomija” (large farm estate) by the locals (Istenič Villa). Soon, ruins of a red house attract your attention. The house is said to be a reminder of the Turks. Continue past the Smerde's cross. Along the way, you will be accompanied by dog roses and willows, which are used for the first vine-tying in the spring. You are greeted by an old pear tree standing next to a 45m deep well built in 1932. Descend slightly to a fork and go straight towards root cellars (taking the left path would lead you to the village of Dramlja). Don’t forget to stop at the top and admire the view of the Obsotelje Region, including the mountain peak of Sljeme above Zagreb. Continue past a renovated concrete cross to a fork where the left-hand route leads to the Church of St. Andrew. At the Chapel of St. Margaret, you will be rewarded by the view of the Church of the Holy Spirit, the Obsotelje Region and the Sotla River, which has co-created the picturesque landscape. The trail then leads you through the pleasantly cool linden forest to the abandoned blue Neral’s house and to the sand walls. The latter show that life and nature used to be quite different in the past. The layers of sand indicate how the sea deposited the sand and marked the lives of the locals. You will then again see the Church of the Holy Spirit on the left and the village of Gregovce on the right. You will arrive at an abandoned root cellar (on the left). If you turn right, the route will bring you to the Ogorevc root cellar at the Pudvoi Tourist Farm.

The trail ends in the village of Brezovica where root cellars are still used by the owners. The inventive locals knew how to combine the tradition and knowledge of their ancestors with the needs of modern winemaking and tourism. There are many root cellars on the way: Graben/Šekoranja, Kovačič, Najger, Balon, Jelčič and Kelher. The Balon root cellar was even used as a hideout during the World War II.

If you are not too tired from walking and tasting delicious Bizeljsko wine offered at every homestead, you can continue the trail over the wine-growing hills and follow the St. Vitus Trail that starts at the Marija Sušnik Ethnographic Collection. To return to the starting point, cross the valley of ponds to the Dramlja Valley where you can visit two other farms engaged in fruit growing − Križančič and Kovačič.


Route type: hiking trail
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 3 h
Length of the route:9,5 km
Elevation gain: 297 m
Starting point: Vila Istenič
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