Together for environmentally and nature-friendly tourism.
The Municipality of Brežice received the Slovenia Green Destination Silver award in 2019, which means that it was recognised as a sustainable and green tourist destination. In the area of the municipality, there is also a part of the Kozjanski Park, which also received the Slovenia Green Park symbol, and the natural park Jovsi, which is part of the protected Natura 2000 area.

We are proud that Čatež and Brežice are environmentally and socially friendly destinations, and we are making many decisions to achieve the golden award in the future. We can do the most if we act together, which is why we would like to present some guidelines regarding how to behave environmentally and nature-friendly at the destination.
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Protecting the Environment

Small steps for the greater goal–clean environment.

Together we can make sure that the nature stays clean and tidy.Water is drinkable everywhere. We should avoid using single-use plastic bottles and rather choose glass bottles that can be refilled several times. Help us preserve the wealth of water sources by not showering too long and closing the tap while brushing teeth. Let the environment and nature transmit their own signals. Whenever possible, disconnect all electrical devices from their sockets. Buy local food and help shorten the food supply chains. Get to the destination in an environmentally friendly way –by train or bus.
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Respecting the Nature

Cycling and walking in the forest is calming, but we need to stick to the marked paths. Dogs should always be held on a leash in order not to disturb the wild animals. We talk with normal volume, because noise would disturb the nature’s inhabitants. We take all waste back with us and throw it in a waste bin. The blossoming meadows are food for the bees and they should stay beautiful to look at. Instead of picking flowers, take pictures of them and keep these memories forever.
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Appreciation of Culture

We are what we eat. Taste the pleasant dishes in local restaurants and get to know the typical cuisine of the destination. You can visit traditional events to get familiar with Slovenian customs and traditions. Take some time to see the local exhibitions and museums to discover the history of the destination.

Buy locally, in stores with Slovenian products and produce. In Brežice, local products are available in the Town Hall (TIC Brežice), where you can find handcraft items and art pieces that are the result of manual skills and traditional production methods. You can also taste the traditional products from local farms. All products contain the vintage feel of our ancestors and the local environment, and they could be a great gift for your relatives and friends.
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  • Explore the town on a bike or on foot.
  • Walk on market paths.
  • Do not pick flowers from meadows.
  • Separate waste.
  • Drink tap water.
  • Buy local food.
  • Turn off electrical devices when not in use.
  • Turn off the tap while soaping under the shower.
Let us open our hearts to green habits and the nature will be grateful.
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