Museums and Collections in destination Čatež and Brežice

When you visit the Posavje Museum in Brežice, you will be impressed by the rich history of this area in the past centuries. You should also take some time to see the museum collections, archives, and historical buildings in Brežice and its surroundings, which present old agricultural and craftwork customs in a vivid and interactive manner and preserve the memories of important historical personalities from this area.

Posavje Museum Brežice

Since 1949 the Brežice Castle, a monument of immovable heritage, has been the home of Posavje Museum Brežice, which presents the heritage of Posavje region from the earliest days till today.

Ban’s Homestead

It is one of the oldest homesteads in the village that is still preserved in its original form. Located in Artiče, the Ban’s Homestead invites visitors to see the renovated house, outbuilding, pigpens, wine cellar with vineyard, beehives, corn-drying shed, orchard with old fruit varieties and renovated pond.

Babič Family Majolica Collection

Over 1500 different and interesting majolica items prove their popularity with different nations as they come from all over the world. Owner and collector of the collection will vividly present and describe their source and peculiarities.

Antique Collection of the Rezelj Family

It is a family collection exhibiting old household objects and agricultural, vineyard, fruit-growing and tradesmen's tools. The museum – Antique Collection of the Rezelj Family – is located in the village of Bukošek, three kilometres from the centre of Brežice, near the Brežice–Bizeljsko regional road.

Travnikar Collection of Antiquities

The collection exhibits tools and items used in the past by the local people in their everyday work. Today, the collection is quite extensive. It consists of approximately 2,000 different items.

Podgoršek Blacksmith's Museum

The family museum is set in a former blacksmith’s forge where three generations of blacksmiths had been working since the 2nd half of the 19th century. It is located in Pišece.

Polovič Hunting Museum

The Polovič Hunting Museum displays a unique private collection of stuffed animals of African wilderness, Slovenian forests and North American prairies. There are over 50 different animals exhibited.

Pleteršnik Homestead in Pišece

It is a birthplace of Slovenian linguist, author of a Slovenian-German dictionary, Maks Pleteršnik (1840–1923).

Permanent exhibitions in Bizeljsko

The exhibition of the town's offer, tourist attractions, wine growers and local associations is held in the conference room of the renovated Bizeljsko multi-purpose building.

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