Unforgettable adventures in unspoiled nature.
There are many beautiful natural sights in Brežice and its surroundings. Its green and diverse landscape is mostly covered by woods, and there are many vineyards on the sunny side of hills in two rich wine-growing regions.

Many hiking trails invite you to spend some time in the fresh air and you can explore caves, natural parks, and many other interesting sights you can tell stories about when you come home.
Park Jovsi

Jovsi Natural Park

Jovsi is a 460 ha large area of moored grasslands along the Sotla River, protected as a natural monument and part of the Natura 2000 area.

Due to its natural resources and extensive farming, many rare and endangered plant and animal species found their place here. In the information room in the middle of the town Kapele, which lies between Brežice and Bizeljsko, you can get to know the local nature through a natural science movie, information panels, and other animations, and listen to different themed lectures.
Kozjanski park in narava

Kozjansko Park

The Kozjansko Park is one of the oldest and biggest protected areas in Slovenia. It stretches into the Posavje Region, the region along the Sotla River and the region of Kozjansko.

It is characterised by an extraordinary biodiversity and numerous good sustainability practices.
Sotočje Save in Krke

​Confluence of the rivers Sava and Krka

When coming to Brežice from the Ljubljana–Zagreb highway, or from elsewhere from the south to the northern part of Brežice, you cannot miss the greatest beauty of Brežice – the confluence of the rivers Krka and Sava. The popular spot, the so-called ‘Špica’, attracts nature lovers and photographers as well as every random visitor of Brežice.
Mestni park

Brežice Town Park

Only a few steps from the Brežice Castle, you can find a beautiful spot for spending the hottest summer days – the Brežice Town Park. In summer, you can cool under the mighty treetops; in fall, you can observe the wonderful colours of leaves; and in winter, this park becomes a great place for fooling around in the snow. In December, the park is particularly interesting, as it is festively decorated.
Najdebelejši hrast v Sloveniji

Thickest Oak Tree in Slovenia

You can find the thickest oak tree in Slovenia not far from Brežice.

When you drive across a long plain, turn left and after a few hundred metres you see the giant oak tree.
Izvir Gabernice

Gabernica Spring and Duplo Cave

In the cave called Duplo, there is the source of the Gabernica Spring that flows from under the Orlice Hills. However, you cannot enter into the cave because the water is used for the drinking water supply of Bizeljsko.
Ptič čebelarja

Nesting Place of the European Bee-Eater

In the quartz sand quarry in Župjek, Bizeljsko, one of the most beautiful colourful birds found its nesting place – the European bee-eater.

The bird got its name because it eats wild bees and other insects by skilfully catching them in the air.
Vhod v ajdovsko jamo

Ajdovska Cave

The Ajdovska House or Ajdovska Cave, also called the Primožič Cave, lies at the western edge of the dispersed town Silovec pri Sromljah. You can visit the cave as part of the Sromlje Trail of Wine and Sun. At the local farm at the address Silovec 20, they will also be happy to show you their chapel and cellar.
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