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Brežice is a destination in the Posavje region. Would you also like to meet other destinations? Posavje is full of different adventures that just wait to be discovered.
Kostanjevica na Krki

Kostanjevica na Krki

Kostanjevica na Krki is the smallest Slovenian town that lies on an island. It is known by its compact town centre that lies on an island in the middle of the Krka River. This town is full of cultural heritage gems. The picturesque neighbouring scenery ofthe Gorjanci hill range and the colourful vineyards attract many recreational cyclists and hikers, and the Krka River offers refreshment in the summer and is perfect for rowing and stand up paddleboarding. Not far from the island, you can find the specialised art museum – the Božidar Jakac Gallery – located in the monumental building of the former Cistercian Monastery, a national monument. One of the largest Slovenian museums by its exhibition surface presents a wide variety of artworks, from traditional to modern artists. You can also just take a walk around the former monastery surrounded by wooden sculptures created by the oldest still active sculpture symposium in the world called Forma viva. Near the town, there is also the Kostanjevica Cave, one of the most beautiful and longest karstic caves in southeast Slovenia.In Črneča vas, you can also see a restored guard tower from the time of the Turkish invasions.
Sevniški grad


Sevnica is a town at the Sava River, mostly known by its medieval castle high above the old town centre. The unique feature of the castle is that approximately 500 vines (Modra Frankinja or Blaufränkisch) grow on the slope beneath it – and you can taste the wine grown here in the castle’s winery. The castle park has two themed trails: "Forest is Culture" and the Energy Trail with marked energy points.However, Sevnica is much more than just a castle. Visitors can visit Lisca, a 947 m high hill with a beautiful far-reaching view. Many trails lead to the top, including a rock-climbing trail, the only of its kind in Posavje. Lisca is also popular among cyclists and paragliders. A flight with a parachute can be a unique experience of the Sava valley. There are also many cycle routes and an ethnological collection, you can enjoy good food and wine, go horse riding, relax in a pool, go fishing in the Sava River, explore the archaeological park Ajdovski gradec with the Ajdovska Basket,and much more. Sevnica is a hidden gem that enthuses everyone who comes to discover it.
Mesto energije


This nice town at the Sava River lies at the crossroads of many business roads and cultural, culinary, educational, and diverse adventures. Krško is waiting to be discovered! Stretch jour legs on unlimited hikes and cycling trips, discover the old town centre and the new part of the town with its rich content and offer.

In Krško, well known by its power industry, you can also visit the interactive multimedia World of Energy, which will be a completely new experience and you will gain a different understanding of energy.

The history of the town is a story of people that left their mark here. Their stories are kept in the Krško Town Museum. You can also visit the Valvasor Library where you can see the almost half a century old Slovenian translation of the Bible. There is also a speedway room with a permanent collection designated to this sport, the only one of its kind in Slovenia. Great food and top wines are another reason to visit Krško and try the tastes of Posavje. Above the Sava River, there is the mighty Rajhenburg Castle with its annual Rajhenburg Day of Chocolate and Liqueurs, which you can also taste in the Kunej House of Vines, Wine, and Chocolate.


In Radeče, once an important raft port, you can still find the old rafting customs and traditions. Join the rafters on a traditional raft or take a walk on the Savus Educational Trail that leads through the Dvor Parkto the didactic circle at the pond on the field Hotemeško Polje. Visit the marketplace in Radečewith its vertical herb garden and the mighty iron bridge across the Sava River. Relax in the shadow of the Gašper chestnut tree and immerse into the past by visiting the ethnological collections Ključevšek or Svibno with a picturesque view over the Sopota valley. Pour yourself a glass of great wine from the Ostrovrhar wine hills and the tasty local cousin. Explore Radeče and experience the hospitality of its people, intertwined with nature and tradition.
Bistrica ob Sotli

Bistrica ob Sotli

Bistrica ob Sotli is the smallest municipality in the Posavje region. It got its name by the rivers Bistrica and Sotla that flow nearby and then merge into one. Bistrica ob Sotli has a rich natural and cultural heritage. It is most known bySvete Gore, an ancient centre of pilgrimage, with its Church of St. Peter (Cerkev sv. Petra)and the ruins of the Kunšperk Castle. There are many hiking trails that lead to the canyon of the Bistrica River. If you like wine and would like to buy local products, you can stop by the many local wineries and farms of Bistrica ob Sotli.
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