Orešje Trail

Length: 8.5 km
Duration: 2.5 h
Starting point: Ledine (at the bus station)

The Orešje Trail starts at the bus station in the hamlet of Ledine. Turn left towards Orešje. Cross the stream and ascend through the forest to arrive to the Bohor Hills and the Pavlin Homestead. The trail then begins to descend and ascend between houses and vineyards. You can see Bizeljsko Castle on the left, and the Obsotelje Region and the town of Klanjec (which is also a border crossing) on the right. The trail then leads you to the Blažinčič Wine Cellar. You can also choose the route past the Pri Jožici Shop, continue along the asphalt road and turn right onto the gravel path at the cross. Walk uphill through the vineyards of Kozja Peč to the Orešje−Kunšperk asphalt road, turn left and continue until you come to a beautiful wooden cross, owned by the Zagmajster family.

Turn right onto the so-called “Goodwill Trail” that steeply ascends through the forest. When the asphalt ends, you will come to a pass and the so-called “Duke’s Trail”. You will soon reach a clearing where stands the Kovačič Homestead, which is also called “Hamerček” by the locals. Continue along the gravel road to the Vlka Rock Face, which is home to ravens and to a rare plant species named narrow-leaved sandwort (Moehringia bavarica). The view from the Vlka Rock Face is breath-taking, but only for those who are not afraid of heights.

Return to the Kovačič Homestead, descend below the Vlka Rock Face and continue with care through the forest to the Berkovič Wine Cellar and to the “Castle Trail”. Follow the “Castle Trail” past Bratoš, Rajterič and Kunst wine-growing families and past “Freihof”, an old estate from the 17th century (the Šribar or Faber Homestead where a pre-historical urn was found, indicating that the settlement is a few thousand years old). You will come to the Pavlin Cellar and to the old Orešje School, named after Anton Martin Slomšek, where stands a large medlar tree. Turn downhill at the wine-growing Malus Homestead and continue to the Church of St. Magdalene, where masses are held every Sunday.

After passing the wine-growing homesteads of Malus (collection of bottles), Jazbec and Žertuš (famous old blue house) families, you will arrive at the wine-growing Poček Homestead. The old house of the latter was renovated, preserving the remains of the Roman aqueduct made of clay pipes. The Church of St. Magdalene (its architecture from 1653 contains Gothic elements, as evidenced by the date on the base) is the centre of the village of Orešje, which is famous for its walnuts (hence the name − “oreh” means walnut in Slovene) and favourable Mediterranean-like microclimate. As there is practically no frost, figs, persimmons, kiwis, lavender and almonds grow well. During the hot summer days, you can hear the cicadas sing, just like at the seaside.

The asphalt road will then lead you past the turn-off for the Castle Trail and “Kupce” (an old cellar surrounded by vineyards that offers a wonderful view of Bizeljsko Castle, Obsotelje Region and Klanjec) to the starting point.


Length of the route: 8.5 km
Duration: 2.5 hours
Starting point: Ledine (by the bus stop)
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